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Vega Protein Powder Reviews

There are so many Vega Protein Powder reviews on the internet these days. Can any of them be trusted? Yes, they can. And this review is going to condense these reviews down into one place so you don’t have to research any further (unless you want to).

Before getting into the review for Vega, let’s define exactly what Vega is. Vega is an all-natural vegetarian/vegan protein powder. The main sources of protein are derived from hemp, green pea, and brown rice. So when you use this protein powder, you know that you are getting good, natural, vegan stuff as opposed to processed whey and casein animal protein or potentially harmful soybean protein.

Vega Protein Powder Pros

Vega One has a whole smattering of flavors: Vanilla, Vanilla Chai, Chocolate, Berry, and Natural flavor. So their product line offers a flavor for everyone. The best part is that all of the flavors taste great, and there is no weird or “earthy” taste to the shakes at all (unless you get the natural flavor).

Another great thing about Vega One is that one serving actually provides half of the servings of macronutrients the body requires. So when you have your morning protein shake (or after-work-out shake for that matter), you are getting half of the nutrients your body needs for that day, as well as the much needed protein boost at the end of a hard workout.

Vega also provides a sports shake in their program as well. This shake is a high carb shake. The shake is therefore considered to be a pre-work-out shake. The reason is that carbs are converted into Glycogen in the body. And the Glycogen is what gives your body the energy to get through tough resistance training and long endurance runs. So if you are using the sports shake, make sure to take it about 30 minutes before working out.

Vega Protein Powder Cons

The biggest con to the Vega One is that it causes upset stomach and bloating. This is because Vega changed their formulation a few years ago. And when they changed the formulation, Vega added some components that are designed to cleanse the body. These body cleansing components will have a tendency to make you bloated, have an upset stomach, and even give you diarrhea.

This is perfectly normal when you start using Vega One. If the sensations are too overwhelming for you, then just drop the amount that you use to ¼ scoop to ½ scoop. Then slowly increase to a full scoop of the protein powder mix. It goes without saying that if the symptoms are so severe that you start vomiting (very rare), then stop using the product.

Then with the sports shake, if you take it by itself, then it will taste rather raw and “earthy”. The way to fix this is to mix the sports shake into a smoothie. This should knock out the “earthy” taste, or at least weaken it.


The write-up above is the best of all the Vega Protein Powder reviews I have read on the internet so far. I have captured the high points for you. Overall, Vega is a good product line. The only thing is that you have to be careful about how you start using the protein product. If you don’t, then you will have a pretty uncomfortable first week. You can find the Vega Protein Powder at their website. Stay strong.

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