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Upper Body Workout Routine for Runners

The upper body workout routine strengthens the muscle group in the body’s upper portion consists mainly of the biceps, triceps, neck, chest, rotator cuff and deltoids of the shoulder. A good body workout must definitely include an ideal upper body workout routine especially athletes and runners. It is through the winding of the arms that propels forward the body and counterbalance the movements of the legs that creates a symbiotic partnership of strides to get into the finish line with all energy and conquer that runner’s gold.

A misconception and a secret revealed.

Many have that misconception that an upper body workout routine were ideal to tone the abs and buff up some muscles in the arms and shoulders. But, little do they know that one of the secrets of great runners largely depend on the strength of their body core.

Let’s take it from the top!

While the strength and power of the legs are prime to every runner, it is equally important that every runner must likewise compensate their leg workout routine not only on the legs but should start their workout routine literally from the top – the body’s upper body area! If you wonder how someone could do a 400 pounds squat through the concept that the person must have done strengthening first with the lower body and managed to get it to the top to carry such enormous weight. You’re a Popsicle gone upside down because great body feats start from the top with a great upper body workout routine plan.

The strong upper body.

These simple yet great routines are not only great for the upper body part but benefit the entire body from top to toe. A MUST for every runner who wanted to develop running as a skill.

Strengthening exercises for great uppers.

Lunge with Bicep Curl 3

Sun’s out, Gun’s out. Basically include a combination of series of muscle-specific routines like front squats, pull ups, bicep curls, single-leg deadlift, and other combination muscle lifts.

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Chest Press. A strengthening exercise to work out the main chest muscles, as well as the triceps and shoulders.

Bicep Curls. Reinforces the biceps, as well as the forearms.

Plank Row. A hard core routine that addresses the abs, biceps, deltoids, spinal column muscles, back muscles, and the anterior chest muscles.

Arms on Track. Tones the arms biceps and triceps.

Bench Dip. Also known as triceps dip works to strengthen the triceps, chest and shoulders.

Treat running like a skill, workout, develop and excel.

Great upper body routines for runners.

Benefits on strengthening the upper body.

These upper body routines benefit most the upper portion of the body but likewise initiate the following benefits:

Improves efficiency. By maintaining the body in its proper upright position, the body may boost that needed speedy efficiency.

Manage body stress. Running can bring stress to the body from repeated pounding motion. But a strong upper body reduces the risk of injuries.

Lessens body fatigue.

Boost speed. A droopy body posture will only slow the body pace. But with strong biceps and shoulders, a runner will be able to manage the body’s swaying motion and breeze through the race.

These simple yet strengthening exercises can help achieve a runner’s journey through miles and miles of staggering leg journey. These exercises routine helps keep the entire body in motion from top to toe. A runner’s routine guide and keeping that runner’s winning edge from start to finish and comes with these great upper body workout routine.

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