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7 Best Slippers With Arch Support

We protect our feet all day long with confining shoes, so it’s not surprising that by the end of the same day we just want to get out of those laced and strapped units to let our toes breathe, so to speak. However, going barefoot isn’t always practical either, which is where the wonderful slipper comes in so handy. It’s a shoe, but it’s not, and we still have the ability to walk comfortably around our house or elsewhere with them on. However, is every slipper okay for a person’s foot, especially the arch? Not necessarily. If a wearer already has issues with their foot arch, needing support and a good platform to walk on, a regular slipper can actually cause more damage versus helping the foot relax.

Chronic foot pain comes from a variety of sources and causes, and slippers don’t necessarily turn that pain off. In fact, the soft, material most slippers are made of are pure convenience and do nothing for reducing foot pain or preventing it. The loose fit can actually augment the pain, straining the foot even more and exacerbating ligament injuries. As a result, those needing arch support often find themselves trapped having to wear regular shoes even when at home. The causes of foot ligament pain can range from weight and obesity, too much running and foot impact from exercising, a natural tendency to go flat-foot, or the opposite with high arches that start to hurt by the end of the day with average arch support.

Those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, or the inflammation of the fascia ligament, are also acutely aware of the problem with a poor shoe and slipper support. It’s not a dull pain that’s felt; the ligament pain feels like a hot, burning needle stabbing in the foot that gets worse over the day. As a result, pain sufferers need to use slippers with maximum comfort, support in the arch, and proven pain reduction to be able to function properly and walk normally throughout the day without the need for painkiller medicines.

Plantar Fasciitis Specific Slippers

Fortunately, there is no reason that a person has to settle with nothing aside from their regular, arch supporting shoe. Specially-designed slippers are available and easy to find with significant orthotic insert designs, which can be extremely helpful in alleviating foot pain and helping recovery. And this is a far better alternative that walking around barefoot. In fact, some people have been able to improve their foot condition with specially-designed slippers versus continuing to suffer.

The key to a good slipper is that it continues the critical arch support that exists in the regular support shoe when a person gets home and wants to change footwear. And that slipper support needs to be the kind of casual home shoe that can be worn all over the house without worrying about damage to wood floors and similar but with sufficient construction to be more than just sheer material. Of course, the slipper should also be comfortable versus confining or restrictive, especially at the end of the day when a person’s feet are swollen and tired. So here’s a couple of suggestions on the best slippers with arch support that really hit the mark:

Spenco SupremeSlide

The Spenco Slipper is a house shoe that has been a big recipient of a lot of rave reviews from actual plantar fasciitis sufferers who have not hesitated to recommend the brand and model for others in similar pain. These slippers combine both comfort and medical functionality in the same product, making them a win-win for both relaxing and maintaining critical arch support at all times. In fact, the only reason to take these slippers off would likely be the need to change to other shoes, taking a shower or going to sleep.

Some of the additional winning aspects of the Spenco SupremeSlide include:

  • A solid footbed and internal sole that meets orthotic requirements for proper heel and arch configuration.
  • Substantial shock-absorbing cushion to reduce pain in the foot.
  • Solid material that protects and keeps the wearer’s feet comfortable.
  • Significantly tested both in controlled groups as well as with independent consumer feedback.
  • A design that reduces and eliminates slippage, a common problem with loose slippers that allow the foot to move around and aggravate plantar fasciitis.
  • A solid design that gives full foot support versus just the pad points of the foot.

Sketchers Orthofeet Asheville Comfort Fashion

The Sketcher slipper choices provide two good shoes or mens slippers with arch support to choose
from, the Orthofeet Asheville Comfort Fashion being one of them. The Asheville slipper was built with
minimum criteria of maximum comfort and flexibility in use. So it can easily be used on far more flooring surfaces than just carpet. With a natural leather combination on the outside and wool on the inside, these shoes work great for those who don’t like the feel of synthetic material. Even better, the insole can be replaced with a brand new one, prolonging the usable life of these slippers and restoring a brand new internal feeling of the shoe. This is a great advantage for those who need to have a fairly new insole at all times and often have to buy new slippers before the old ones are really worn out. Some additional benefits of these slippers are the attachment to reduce loose fit – the shoes come with adjustable Velcro fasteners for a snug hold. The included support arch is standard and the bottom external sole is durable rubber. Comfort is also a primary feature of these shoes, and many customers are perfectly satisfied with the Orthofeet Asheville house shoes for plantar fasciitis control. Unfortunately, these slippers do not come in half sizes, only full numbers for fitting.

Sketchers Orthaheel Whistler

The second offer from Sketchers, the Orthaheel Whistler Slipperis designed specifically by a podiatrist for patients. The features of these slippers are not general in nature; they are intended to improve feet health versus just comfort them. It corrects issues like over-pronation and improper foot contact with the ground as well as controlling stability the right way. The Orthaheel is easily usable both indoor and outdoor without any damage to the shoe. The one drawback is that the interior design does not put comfort as the first priority. Health design is the to characteristic, so some customers may find the shoe as lacking. Others might find the aesthetic look of the Orthofeet Whistler lacking as well since again fashion was not a top specification in the make.

Spenco Supreme

Some slippers will be marketed with interesting names and while others will have eye-pleasing colors and patterns. But the at the end of the day what matters is whether the slippers help repairones feet or make them feel worse. Spenco spent some time making sure their slippers would fit comfortable for those with larger feet, particularly men. They still incorporate the orthotic features such as an aggressively supported arch, a solid heel cavity, and a durable insole. Further, these slippers are not going to leave marks inside on sensitive floors such as wood. The foot sole is purposefully designed to be non-skid in nature. However, while these shoes have a very promising mixture of benefits, there is very little known on their performance over time and no reviews available at this time. So they are a bit of a guess at the moment until more customers try them out. >>Check Current Price and  More Reviews for Slipper and Shoes with Arch Support<<

Sketchers Haflinger AT Slipper

Designed for women, the Haflinger AT Slipper is a bit of a sleeper among podiatric house shoes, but it still provides more than the maximum amount of arch and foot support. A good number of plantar fasciitis patients have road tested these shoes for a good period of time with good grades and ratings as the result. The insole is curved and formed with a molded form versus just jammed in and expected to shape as is the case with cheaper shoes. The wool is notably soft for the internal comfort sensation, and the shoes rate high in durability and holding up with wear and tear. Further, for those worried about aesthetics, the shoe comes across fashionable as well with a number of patterns and choices to pick from. However, those with narrow feet will note that the standard size might be a bit too roomy for them, causing slipping inside the shoes. >>Click Here to Learn More and See the Price<<

Sketchers Orthofeet 731

Two key elements were required to be part of the design of the Orthofeet 731: usability and comfort. These shoes are designed with a number of features as well, including a wool interior that doesn’t rely on animals for production, ergonomic soles for proper walking, and increased shock dampening in the heel area. The upper portion is made of natural leather, and insole can be replaced as needed for always maintaining a new feel when wearing these slippers. The slippers also take podiatric insoles as well. While the arch support is not the strongest, it measures up well hitting the average when compared to the competition. Further, these slippers have an adjustable Velcro strap for a custom snug fit. This removes the common problem of a slipper being too lose, defeating the benefit of good support if the foot is moving around. The above said, some customers have found that they have had to buy the next size up from what they are used to as this shoe seems to run small in the fit. >>>Check the Price Online<<<

Sketchers Orthaheel Relax

Last on the list of arch support slippers womens choices and also from Sketcher is the Orthaheel Relax. This shoe is specifically designed by a podiatrist versus starting off as a shoe with medical benefits added on. The positioning of the heel cavity and the arch support is placed for maximum medical benefit, especially when a person is moving and walking and also suffering from serious cases of pronation. A big advantage with the Relax model is that it can be adjusted snugly for all types of feet, wide and narrow, long and short. That’s a big plus for those who have to have a good fit in their shoe, especially if the slipper will be worn outside on a regular basis. This shoe also runs a bit small in size, so many customers are finding they have to size up to get the right feel and space.

>>Check Current Price and  More Reviews for Slipper and Shoes with Arch Support<<

In Summary

If looking for house slippers with arch support for medical needs, it’s highly recommended that a buyer actually physically try the shoe before committing to it with a purchase. This is not the sort of shoe to buy simply because of how it looks in a catalog or based on references. Instead, reviews, articles and forum comments should be used as a guide in narrowing the field of viable shoes a person should look at, particular when so many different slippers exist with lots of marketing behind them to generate sales.

Customers should also do a good bit of research, combining recommendations from both their doctor, podiatrist and actual customers who use different shoes. Fortunately, there are plenty of sites where people have posted their reviews regarding specific slippers on the Internet. In fact, there may be too much and can seem overwhelming. This is why a short list of possible winning slippers makes the decision process easier. Instead of having to pick the final shoe right away, a handful of slippers can be tried, making the decision process easier and faster.

At the end of the day, if a slipper doesn’t fit right or seems to make foot pain worse, it should be replaced. Additionally, no matter how good the sole and support, all shoes wear down over time, and should be replaced timely to maintain the right support. Otherwise a plantar fasciitis patient could realize problems again when the slipper gets old. Regular replacement avoids this issue entirely.

Image Credit: by Jen Collins, on Flickr

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