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Running for Beginners: Q&A

What are the benefits of running on an empty stomach?

One of the basic advantages of running or exercising on an empty stomach is its increased potential to burn fat. With an empty stomach, there is low level of sugar or glucose in the body. So, during exercise one can get energy by using the stored fats which lead to weight lost and healthy life. With minimum amount of glucose there are more chances of burning increased amount of fat from the body. Glucose is a source of carbohydrates to the body and always circulates in the bloodstream to provide energy while excess of it is stored in the muscles as glycogen. So, exercise plays an important role in the burning of these stored fats from the body.

How can one work out with plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Inflammation and pain occur in the plantar fascia (thick band of tissue) present in the bottom of feet and is a connection between heel bone and toes. It occurs commonly in the first few steps of morning walk. Once the feet limber up, plantar fasciitis related pain normally start decreasing. But it may be started again due to longer standing periods. It is more common in runners. It is also observed in overweight individuals and those who do not wear comfortable shoes.

To what extent cardio machines are accurate or reliable about the measurement of burned calories?

No, cardio machines do not accurately measures the amount of burned calories. Most of the cardio machines use weight and age of the person for calculating calorie burn. But it does not usually accounts for height, gender, percentage of body fat, and fitness level of the individual. All of these things are required to accurately determine the calories actually burned. For example, if there are two men with 140 pounds weight but have different body fat percentage, then they do not burn equal amount of calories. The amount of calories burnt also depends on the type of the machine like treadmills, stair climbers and stationary bikes etc.

Is the strength work for a runner is a waste of time?

Strength work for the runners seems to be a funny thing but in some cases it works as well. According to the some trainers and athletes the best training for running is simply to run more and more. But there are some other things as well, which are required to improve running. One of the important things is the muscle building training but it does not mean that you put the weight frequently. The required is to do different muscle building exercises regularly with running. Actually no one can use 100 percent of the muscle mass. Muscles are made up of millions of muscle fibers and these are under the control of motor neurons (takes the message from muscles to brain and vice versa). By doing muscle training exercises, muscle fibers and motor neurons become more active and results in more efficient and fast running. Usually some of the fibers are active during the work and then comes in resting state. But with increased practice more of the muscle fibers are taking part in signaling and the running speed increases. But this will lead to muscle fatigue as well.

What are the tips to start a C25k program?

Thousands of people have used this program while opponents are present as well. The easiest way to start a C25K program is to make a schedule for you and then try to follow it regularly.

  • Do brisk walk for 5 minutes as warm up and then run for 30 minutes or 5K.
  • Do walk for two minutes to warm up you and then do jogging and then lie on couch, each for 60 seconds alternatively. This exercise should be done for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Do not panic your body and take rest as well by lying on couch in different postures.

Together with these important tips you must make a diet plan for yourself and add more fruits and vegetables in it instead of fast food.

Is it beneficial to always use same pair of shoes for running?

If the shoes are comfortable one can stock up them. But you cannot use a single air of shoes forever. Because it depends on that how much time you wear particular shoes and for how many miles you used them for a walk. If you feel a specific brand comfortable for you while walking then stocking on shoes is a good thing.

Is there anything to wear to stop the knee pain after a day of jogging or running?

Knee pain after running or jogging is commonly observed among a large number of people because they have to support more than 50 percent of body weight. Warming up and cooling down the body before and after exercise helps to prevent the knee pain and even removes stress from the body. Before selecting shoes for walk one must try different kinds of shoes because everyone have different kind of biochemical activities in their bodies and must consult a footwear expert to guide you. It is important to change shoes regularly as well because after some time they start providing support rather causing pain or disturbance. One can wear knee support and knee brace to reduce or stop the pain. Knee brace with a hole at knee cap because it provides support and do not cause any pressure on patella.

When it becomes suitable for someone to start running regularly?

One should start running twice a week and then go for three days. This routine should be followed for two to three months, then gradually increase it to four or five days and practice this exercise for even more couple of months. For running one should have certain goals and these goals will define the regularity and the duration of running. After a couple of months when one considers that the habit of running is well developed and it is going fine with your daily routine then you can go for selecting running as a exercise on daily basis. Normally we think that if the small amount of something is good for us than more will be much better or excellent but this is not always true. During the running process more oxygen is required so, you should select a park or some open place, where plenty of oxygen is present for increased aerobic respiration. Sometimes by increasing the running span body needs more food. So, always go for healthy or nutritious food and concentrates more on fresh juices, fruits and vegetables. But do not forget to take protein diet as well.

How can one plan route for running?

If someone is just interested in walk or running in the street for some time or for the time until he or she gets tired and do not have specific aims or goals then it’s fine to take one or two rounds in the street or whatever you want to. Actually no such planning is required in this case.

But if someone have certain goals to achieve and want to run for some specific distance like, three to four kilometers then it is advisable that he or she should visit some online websites and select or plan a route that would be enough to meet your desired distance.

What should be your speed while walking or running on treadmill?

Again it depends upon your goals that what you want to achieve by this exercise. But other important points to be kept in mind is your capability and capacity or efficiency. Basically the amount of calories you want to burn decides your speed on the treadmill but the ideal thing is to run on average speed for 30 to 45 minutes in most of the week days.

What are the best stretches one should do before running?

Running without warm ups i.e. with cold muscles can results in muscle strain, because muscles are not stretched properly, which can cause problems and you become unable to run for more than a week ago or even more as well.

One should start running after jogging for five to ten minutes and then stretch your body to warm up the muscles to such an extent that they can get ready for running. Stretching is always required either you are going to run few miles or going for marathon. The major group of muscles which are used or involved in running is gluteal, quadriceps, hip flexors and hamstrings. So, one should focus on the stretching of these muscles specifically. Other movements can also be added before running to the stretching of muscles like warm up of calf, abdominal and back muscles.

How can one justify scientifically or logically that training of long runs at slower pace as compared to the race pace?

The most important things while doing long training practices is your stamina, strength and endurance. Speed is also an important factor to some extent as well during the practice sessions. More than half million runners have used these practices and get the success as well. Long runs are much more helpful in building the stamina and endurance but not meant for the speed. If someone runs with race pace at long runs it would ultimately result in shortage of breathing because the person gets more tired as compared when running on slower pace. Long running with race pace also has more chances of injury and knee pain like problems. Other important things which should be considered are weather conditions, humidity and heat.

What are the most important tips for good running form?

Some of the important tips to maintain good running form are: Keeping your knee in line and the foot surely strikes under knee, focusing on the pushing ups and off, do not increase the length of stride and should maintain a short and quick stride, always keep your hands in the relaxed state below the chest and bent your elbows at 90 degree or less than that. All these tips can greatly help in the maintenance of good running form.

Why running a full marathon distance is not preferred in training sessions?

Marathon distance means 26.2 miles, which is really tough for the body. Running for such a long distance can affect your whole body specifically the physiological system, tendons, muscles and ligaments. Even if you are running at a slower pace the distance is much more to cause fatigue and develop stress and strain on the body. So, it should not preferred to run for such a great distance (26.2 miles) at training runs.

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