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Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Review

The Mizuno Wave Creation Running Shoe is a unique shoe that takes a unique approach. If you are heel striker, have an under pronation or you need a shoe that is a great trainer this is the shoe for you. At first glance this shoe looks like a concept shoe because of its design. It is a unique looking shoe thanks to the wave. It has a double wave plate that adds excellent stability and encourages great foot form.

Double Wave Plate

The Mizuno Wave Creation Running Shoe 14 has a double wave plate that extends from the mid foot to the heel. The double wave plate gives this runner superior rigidity in side to side motions. The plates deliver cushioning in the heel where you would normally find foam. This design is great for a runner with a flexible foot and under pronation.

Flex Controllers                                                                                                                                      

The heel structure on this shoe is very stiff which adds great support. The Flex Controller bands on the fore foot work to slow down the foot when it comes in contact with the ground. This slowing motion directs the toe off movement that runners strive for. The Flex Controllers and the Wave plate give you a very smooth ride with just the right form.

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 first look

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  • Lightweight mesh uppers
  • Double Wave plate
  • Excellent Torsional Rigidity
  • Decoupled heel
  • Conforms to the Shape of the Foot

Overall the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 is lighter than its predecessor because of the newly revamped upper. It is breathable mesh that is lightweight. Mizuno Wave Creation 14 for heavy runners’ works by providing a stable environment for that heel that comes crashing down with the Wave Plates.

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 for Plantar Fasciitis can help to alleviate the pains associated with Plantar Fasciitis again thanks to that patented Wave plate design. Running with Plantar pain can be crippling, if you have or are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis these shoes can help to alleviate the symptoms.

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 for under pronation provides a very stable environment for your feet with excellent torsional rigidity thanks to the Flex Controllers. The Flex Controllers help to keep your foot in place even during the most challenging trail runs.

These are the shoes that are perfect for a specific type of runner. The Mizuno Wave Creation 14 for flat feet can help you to run your best without discomfort. The Dynamotion Flexible Fit gives you a custom fit that conforms to your feet which adds to the comfort and secure feeling of the shoe.

These are great trainers but they are meant for specific types of feet and runners. The chart below compares the Mizuno Wave 14 to other runners of equal quality and similar specifications. Both novice runners and experienced runners were asked to rate the show on a scale of 1-5 for the four features that are listed.

Feature Mizuno Wave 14 Mizuno Wave 16 Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Asics Kayano Brooks Ghost 5
Cushioning 5 5 5 5 5
Weight 5 3 5 5 5
Energy rtn 5 3 2 4 4
Support 5 4 4 3 3

The Mizuno Wave 14 received an impressive perfect score. Runners preferred the Mizuno Wave 14 over other runners BUT and it is a big but there are a few people that these runners may not work for.

For example if you happen to typically have a mid-foot strike these trainers may be too stiff for your needs. Heel strikers will love them because that is really who they are designed for. These neutral runners will add value to any heavy hitter that typically heel strikes when they land.

The full length ventilation system allows your foot to breathe and disperse moisture so your feet stay cool and comfortable.

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 back

If you have a flat foot or you have a lot of motion in your feet than the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 is going to be a really great trainer for you. You get all the structure you need and all the cushioning as well.

The weight is a little bit heavier than other neutral trainers because of the Wave technology but it is just about not noticeable. When compared to the Mizuno Wave Creation 16 it actually feels lightweight.

The Mizuno Wave Creation 16 offers a wider toe box than the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 but it does not make up for the weight differential. In addition the Mizuno Wave Creation 16 has a much stiffer ride than the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 so stiff in fact that one reviewer commented that the Mizuno Wave Creation 16 felt like two blocks strapped to their feet.

Comparing the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 to the Brooks Ghost 5 is like comparing apples and oranges. Yes they are both neutral trainers but the Brooks Ghost 5 is far more minimalistic when it comes to support when compared to the Mizuno Waver Creation 14.

Neither of the Asics on the comparison chart can compare when it comes to heel strikes, they just do not have the support. The Mizuno Wave Creation 14 are heavy hitters and can really take on a tough work out where other trainers fail.

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 insole

What Others Have To Say

The Mizuno Wave Creation 14 absolutely has a large following. Anyone that has flat arches, flexible foot motion and is a heel striker loves these shoes. They seem to be uniquely able to provide the exact balance that is needed to promote great form while offering up a smooth ride.

These durable high quality trainers are met with positive reviews across the board for fit, durability, structure and material. They offer exactly what many runners need in way of a trusted high quality shoe. They even look great.

Two of the key aspects to any good trainer is to offer protection from injury and to increase proper form. This trainer does both. Whether you are flat footed suffer with Plantar Fasciitis or are just a heavy heel runner these trainers may be just what you are looking for to help prevent injuries and correct your form.

A good pair of shoes that are dedicated to your running style can help you go faster, longer and be stronger and according to the runners that have been reviewing the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 these are just those shoes to do it. They offer a pain free run with a reduced risk of injuries. What else could you ask for in a running shoe? The Mizuno Wave Creation 14 provides all the comfort, support and style that many runners desire in their running shoes.

According to many of the runners the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 has alleviate many of the aches and pains that they were experiencing with other running shoes and not after months of running but after days of running. The runners that reviewed the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 could feel the difference immediately. They immediately left the knee aches and the ankle pain behind after putting on the Mizuno 14’s.

Most all runners that reviewed these trainers were happy with them and highly recommended them. The consensus is if they fit well in the mid foot then they can be just about the perfect trainer.

If they do not fit well in the mid foot and the laces have to be loosened than there is the risk of heel slippage but this typically only occurs when the foot is not very flexible and the runner has a mid-foot strike and not a heel strike.

Mizuno is well known for producing trainers with a firm responsive feel and the Wave Creation 14 certainly does not disappoint in that regard. It is one of the lightest models thanks to the revamped upper which is another huge plus to anyone that is familiar with the line.

Mizuno has been designing sporting equipment for over 100 years and has built an excellent reputation for engineering for performance. Many runners that have reviewed the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 are loyal Mizuno followers and are just delighted with these neutral trainers.

The dynamic design married with the light weight upper give a ride that is unparalleled in neutral trainers. They are gender engineered so whether you are male or female you will have running shoes that most closely match your running style if you choose the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 neutral trainers.

These trainers are accredited with delivering exceptional performance and enhancing the performance of many of the runners that have reviewed them. It is not unusual to read comments like “I use them every day, these are my new favorite trainers.”

If you know your running profile and you know that you do not over pronate, have a flexible foot and heal strike than this may be the best shoe you ever wore/purchased. Overall runners that have reviewed the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 highly recommend them and write rave reviews about them. They seem to be just about the ideal shoe for the right foot.

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