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Men to Women Shoe Size Conversion

Men to women shoe size conversion is a simple but important system to understand in certain situations. As a man or woman, you may run into the scenario that the shoe store you are in carries the style you want, but not in your size. This is especially a problem with men or women who have very small or very large feet, as the store may not stock many of the smallest and largest sizes of any style; or the average size that sells out so quickly because it is in high demand.


Shoe size is a measure of your foot that allows for the most comfortable shoe for any occasion. Shoe size measurements and standards vary from women to men, from adults to children, from country to country, and in some instances are brand specific. It can be very confusing if you do not know your own size.

Foot size can change over time (and usually a change is an increase) due to aging, weight fluctuation, pregnancy, medical issues (blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues), and career. Sometimes just having to primarily stand for work can increase your foot size over time.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to have your foot measured in a shoe store every couple of years to make sure you still have an accurate measure of your foot size.


Another factor to consider in sizing is the type of shoe you are shopping for and what it will be used for. For example, a running store may recommend that you select a shoe ½ to 1 full size larger than your actual size. This is due to the fact that the impact of running can create a minimal spread of your foot upon each contact with the ground during a run. Even over the span of a short run this can cause your longest toes to butt up against the very end of the front of your shoe if you have not chosen a slightly longer shoe size. This can cause uncomfortable chaffing and blistering.

Another example is a pump or heel. When you stand up in a pump, the angle caused by the height of the heel, along with gravity, causes your weight and therefore your heel, to shift slightly forward so that there may be a space between your heel and the back of the shoe. When you sit down, your shoe may feel like it’s a perfect fit again as that space disappears.

Knowing these types of issues with different styles of shoes can help you select the correct size for a specific style of shoe, if it is not your exact size.

Although there is no completely universal shoe sizing chart for conversion, there are some standard charts that can assist you in size conversion for most situations. See the following tables.

U.S. Men to Women Shoe Size Conversion Table

U.S. Men Shoe Size U.S. Women Shoe Size
3.5 5
4.5 6
5.5 7
6.5 8
7.5 9
8.5 10
9.5 11
10 11.5
10.5 12
11 12.5
11.5 13
12 13.5
12.5 14

U.K. Men to Women Shoe Size Conversion Table

U.K. Men Shoe Size U.K. Women Shoe Size
3 3.5
4 4.5
5 5.5
6 6.5
7 7.5
8 8.5
9 9.5
10 10.5
11.5 12
12 12.5
13.5 14
14 14.5
14.5 15

As you can see from the above charts, there is a number for each size that correlates to the length of your foot. Many times you can find varying sizes with a “W” next to this number, which indicates added width for a wider foot. Most any shoe store employee will know if you have a wider foot and would find better luck with a wide shoe.

You may notice from the charts that U.S. and U.K. men to women shoe conversion is very simple if you know your size.

For example, in the U.S., if yo0u are a women’s size 8, and need your style in a men’s shoe, you should look for a size 6-6.5 in men’s. Basically, whatever women’s size you are, subtract 1.5 to find the men’s size you would fit.

And in the U.K., subtract about half a shoe size from your size to find the correct fit in a men’s shoe. So if you are a women’s size 7, look for a 6.5 in men’s.

For whatever situation arises that you may need a men to women shoe size conversion, there is a variety of charts available on the internet that can be easily printed to carry with you wherever you go. This is an easy way to ensure that you can correctly convert sizes to make sure you save time and effort looking for the right fit.

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