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Isagenix Cleanse Day Schedule For Runners

Runners should keep reading to learn the best Isagenix cleanse day schedule. Isagenix cleanse days are rather intense days on the body…especially for people that are active in competitive sports that require explosive movement. So it is imperative that a proper cleansing schedule is created to protect the body against injury.

The biggest problem with the Isogenix cleanse is that it is extremely low calorie. And to compound the issue, it is extremely low in macronutrients, as well. Both of these issues make exercising a real challenge.

First off, when you work out, your body burns Glycogen. This is the substance that your body converts carbs into. Whenever a person does intense exercise, the Glycogen stores are depleted. Only after the Glycogen is depleted does the body turn over to start burning the fat.

The problem with running out of Glycogen is that when the Glycogen runs out, the body runs the risk of bonking during workouts. And during the cleanse day, there is no way to re-establish the Glycogen stores in the amount needed.

Also, during intense exercise such as weight lifting, sprinting, and sprinting-type sports (like soccer, baseball, football, etc.), there is the chance that the athlete will tear muscle fiber. Before and after the workout or sport competition, there is not enough protein to mend those tears. The Isogenix cleanse just doesn’t provide that support.

So there may definitely be a longer recovery time. You may remain sore longer. There may even be a higher risk of injury during the cleanse time.

So, as far as macronutrients are concerned, you are lacking the starchy carbs and the protein to effectively perform and recover. You are losing the primary energy source of Glycogen and won’t be able to regain it. You are also lacking the protein that assists in recovery of torn muscle.

Now for the schedule

So I laid out what could happen if you try to do intense workout routines on cleanse days. You’re going to wear yourself out. You’re going to get and keep yourself sore. Even worse, you’re going to risk injuring yourself. All because you are missing vital macronutrients in the body.

However, not all exercises are made equal. First, if you are a long-distance runner, then you should be able to continue your workout schedule. The reason is because long endurance running doesn’t have the same effect, at least on the muscular system that sprints and resistance training has.

Those whose sports require a lot of resistance training and sprinting, you will have to alter your workout routines. For the day that you are doing the Isogenix cleanse, you will have to either take a break that day (heck, you worked hard for the rest of the week, you deserve it). This gives your body the chance to rest and clean out the way the program is intended.

The break also ensures that you retain the proper Glycogen stores in the system until you get off the cleanse. Then you can eat the food needed to restore the burned Glycogen.

The other option is to just do a long slow, sustained run (like a marathon runner) for that day. So if you are a weight lifter, then you may want to consider doing the Isogenix cleanse on an only cardio day, and don’t cycle your speed. Just keep the speed constant for the whole cardio workout.

When day cleanse is over, you can go back to working out as normal.

So this is the simple Isagenix cleanse day schedule. Marathoners and half marathoners should be just fine. For those involved in intensity sports, just take it easy for the day that you are on the cleanse. After the cleanse is over, go back to heavy duty sprinting or lifting. I hope this helps. Stay strong.

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