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Isagenix And Breastfeeding: Safe For NURSING MOMS?

Do Isagenix and breastfeeding mix? This is the question. There are plenty of concerns. Will the ingredients in the products affect my child’s development? Am I getting the calories and the nutrients that I need to effectively produce milk? And all these questions will be covered here.

Isagenics and breastfeeding-product safety

First, there are product safety concerns. There are some products that have certain herbal components that have not been tested for safety in infants. So keep in mind, whatever a nursing mother consumes goes right to the breast milk. That means these untested herbals go straight to the breast milk.

If the developing baby consumes these compounds, then it may cause adverse effects in development.

It would be advised that these products be avoided during breast feeding. You may start using these products again as soon as the baby is weaned off your breastmilk onto solid food.

Isagenics and caloric intake

Keep in mind, you need to really stay at your basal metabolic rate +300-500 calories during breast feeding. This is to maintain a good rate of breast milk production. If you don’t maintain this level of caloric intake, then you might not be able to efficiently produce breast milk.

At best, the Isagenics meal replacement shakes and products should be viewed more as a snack than an actual meal. This is so that you get the calories that you need on a daily basis.

Isagenics and breast milk flavor

Some Isagenics products are known to change the flavor of breast milk. This could make it to where the baby doesn’t want to feed off of you. This could disturb the nutritional needs of the baby, and you may consider switching to a formula…or you may consider just not using the Isagenix until the baby is weaned off the breast milk.

Always follow your doctor’s advice

Always remember that your pediatrician knows best. He knows what a nursing mother should be consuming and what the baby needs in order to develop properly. He knows the supplements that you need to be taking and what you don’t.

Always share what you are taking or plan to take and get the doctor’s opinion. And follow that opinion. And remember, this stuff is just powered food and who knows what else. Listen to what you pediatrician says and stick to it.

Really, the best thing you can do is just eat regular food at all times…before during, and after pregnancy and breast feeding. After all, this Isagenix is just powdered food…and powdered food the way a publicly traded company wants you to eat it.

At least if you fix your own meals, you know exactly what is going into your body, and what nutrients are going into your breast milk, too.

The rule of thumb from the book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto, you should consider your plate as a pie that you want to cut into three pieces. One third is a protein source, one third is a starchy carb, and one third is a fibrous carb. This ensures that you get the macronutrient intake that you need as well as the vitamin and mineral intake.

If you find that you are putting on weight with this eating form, then just put less of the starchy carb on the plate. Leave the protein source and the fibrous carb source the same amount. This meal plan with advised supplements from your pediatrician will be better for you than Isagenix.

Bottom line, Isagenix and breastfeeding is probably not a good idea. You can get all the same nutrients, and probably live a healthier lifestyle by eating the right foods in the right proportions. Also, when you eat these regular foods, you are eating the way nature intended you to eat…Not the way publicly traded big food wants you to eat. Congratulations on the new addition to your family and stay strong.

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