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Published on April 28th, 2015 | by Mark


Homemade Naked Juice

Homemade naked juice may be pricey than your regular refreshment drinks straight from the can or bottle but it’s definitely teeming not only with high yielding nutrients and packed with nourishing energy.

The naked truth about naked juices.

Their catchy labels and colorful content are instant attention catcher. But hardly these beverages are nothing but adulterated and commercialized juices that hardly had the benefits of what’s in their labels and colors. Ready to go juices and beverages may offer instant quenching and instantly refreshes your feeling. But their instant offering could have a devastating lasting effect on your body. Why choose quick heaven when its real effect could be hell later. Natural and green refreshments like real naked juices from real food with no additives and preservatives offer not only nature’s bounty but everlasting heavenly treat. And another best is that you need not be an expert bar mixer or a big corporation just to make them. And here’s one for that refreshing treat without much effort but naturally heaven to the body. Nature as fresh, as good and heavenly delicious.

Nature’s bounty in persimmons, peaches, and pomegranates.

The bursting bright colors of persimmon, peaches and pomegranate fruits with their smooth and flavorful tastes oozing with delicious nutrition of Vitamin A, C, Calcium, Iron and abundant dietary fiber is a perfect idea if you are looking for some goodness in your naked juicing. Whether you’re always on the go or simply wanted to cool and want to experience some cool yet nutritious meal in a jar that fill and nourishes the body. Indulge and blast some nutrition into your body with this smoothie concoction best for everyone.

Persimmon Peach Smoothie


4 persimmons

2 sliced frozen peaches

1 banana

Pomegranate seeds for garnishing


With some ice cubes, put the persimmons, peaches and banana in a blender and mix until you attain that smoothie consistency. Pour into a jar and garnish with pomegranate seeds on top. Enjoy and refresh!


Naked juices may have that noble offering of goodness in their every bottle but sadly, it is not something that offers sound nutrition needed by a body craving for nutrition and wellness. Real food offers goodness, real food nourishes. Real food comes from nature and not straight from bottling machines and conglomerates. Don’t be fooled away by the looks and colorful labelings. What you might be thinking and seeing as something so good on the outside may not be real in the inside. Just reading the label sometimes may not be wise enough to make us healthy. And in some cases could lead us to be fooled with all the fallacies offered by false marketing and packaging. It is much better if we chose whole real food and best if we make and prepare them to assure we get the most out of nature’s bounty. There is more goodness in something that meet beyond what you can see than goodness from what you can create and concoct. Preparing and concocting your very own homemade naked juice does not only offer goodness but assures you full nutrition perfection and nature’s bounty at its best!

Image Credit: Fruity persimmon smoothie, on Flickr

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