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Hoka One One Review

Hoka One One can be the answer to your running performance problems. Proper form is key to a successful run however achieving the proper form can be an issue. Form and endurance are what every runner strives for. As a runner you know that you need support, stabilization and minimal impact or the right impact. The right running shoes are one of the best ways to get all the things you need to improve performance. Hoka One One running shoe offers a full range of running shoes that are geared toward helping you achieve the outcome you hope for. Hoka One One review can shed some light on why these may be the perfect running shoes for you.

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Shoe Technology

The Hoka One One has a unique shoe technology. The shoes are based on the best of both minimalist and maximum cushioning technology. The soles of these shoes allow you to float on a cushion of high density foam while maintaining the most natural movement of the foot so you land perfectly every time. The design of the shoe allows for better posture. With Hoka One One pronation is kept in check.

50% Increase in Outsole

The larger outsole offers added stability and traction. The outsole on the Hoka One One shoes are about 50% larger than you will find with other running shoes. The surface of the outsole means that you never miss a step. No matter what type of ground you are running on you will be sure footed. The wide outer sole is a nice balance for the higher heel. It keeps the shoe perfectly proportioned.

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  • Lightweight
  • Low Heel Toe Differential
  • Unique Design
  • Great sizing

The Hoka One One running shoes are lightweight although at first glance they do not look like it. You expect them to be much heavier than they are. The low heel toe differential combined with the unique design is Hoka One One pronation solution.

The Hoka One One sizing is right on point. Some runners require that you go up or down a size from your regular shoe size. The Hoka One One sizing is a lot simpler it is a true to life sizing which means if you take an 8 than buy an 8. Other trainers are well known for being difficult to size but not the Hoka One One they are right on point.

There are a few things that make these shoes great and only one area that needs improvement. If there is one thing that most people would like to see improved it is the price. These are pricey running shoes but you do get what you pay for.

When Hoka One One first showed up on the running shoe scene it was at the height of the minimalist revolution in running shoes where soles were paper thin and running shoes were barely there. A lot of people were sort of shocked to see these chunky soled running shoes on the shelves but a couple of years later maximum running shoes edged their way back into popularity.

Runners were literally running to grab a pair of max running shoes. The reason behind the mad dash for this style shoe is simple yet complex. One of the big pros of owning a pair of Hoka One One is that muscle fatigue and pain is greatly reduced, that’s the simple answer.

The more complex answer is relative to eccentric muscle movement which quickly wears your stamina down and increases the pain load. The Hoka One One series does not encourage eccentric muscle movement.

The rockered heel can assist in both uphill and downhill running. Some critics complain that because the Hoka series is not a minimalist shoe that it encourages poor form but in reality it actually encourages better form.

There is no need to come crashing down on your heel and to promote injury to perfect your form. The design of the Hoka One One is such that your foot is encouraged to take the right form and land in the best position. There is nothing wrong with preventing injury and improving your form in comfort.

hoka one one back

When you compare the Hoka One One VS Brooks Adrenaline or Hoka One One VS New Balance 980 or Hoka One One VS Asics it is easier to see which runner is right for you. Each of the most important features in a running shoe have been rated by both experienced and novice runners on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best rating:

Feature Hoka One One Brooks Adrenaline New Balance 980 Asics
Stability 5 5 4 3
Support 5 4 3 5
Mild Over Pronation Correction 5 5 5 4
Moderate Over Pronation Correction 5 4 3 3
Traction 5 4 4 4
Style 5 5 4 5

The Hoka One One was able to get 5’s across the board with the Brooks Adrenaline coming in at a close second. The reason that Hoka One One is rated so highly is because so much effort has gone into the design. Yes it is a running shoe but when the engineers were considering what would make a really great running shoe they looked at all sports and took ideas from each sport they looked at to come up with an exceptional shoe that is quite different from any other running shoe out there.

When compared to the Brooks Adrenaline the Hoka One One holds its own as far as traction, support and stability. The Brooks falls short in providing the right type of support for over pronation.

When compared to the New Balance 980 again it is the support that really set the Hoka One One apart from the New Balance 980.

Overall comparatively speaking the Hoka One One offers a well rounded shoe that can easily put the competition in its category to shame.

hoka one one after 200km

What Others Have To Say

The Hoka One One’s have been received with enthusiastic approval by most runners that have switched gears and took a chance on a new type of running shoe. They are not minimalist shoes (not technically).

You do not get the flexibility from these running shoes that you get from minimalist style shoes but like many runners have said it is a fair trade off for the added support and comfort that you do get. These highly tested shoes offer great engineering that is backed by a ton of research.

You do not get the minimalist flex but you do not get the muscle fatigue either that can keep you from running. They are lightweight but not minimalist runner lightweight however the trade-off for comfort is well worth the trade. Many runners have stated that they have actually increased their times using the Hoka One One and most all that have used these running shoes have said that they have easily increased their distance in these shoes.

Overall the wider outsoles compensate nicely for the thicker heels as far as stability is concerned. Going from minimalist running shoes to these running shoes may take a short period of adaptation but like one runner said by the second run they felt like “home and were as natural as being barefoot without the pain”.

A couple of trail runners mentioned that they wish that the runners were a little bit narrower but frankly if they were any narrower you would lose that balance between the heel and the width and have to give up some of the stability as well. They are designed ideally and are very well thought out shoes.

You can tell from the first run that these trainers were given a lot of thought. They are different and it does take a run or two for your feet to adapt to their new environment but once you adapt you will never want to go back to minimal runners again.

If there was one thing that all the runners did mention that was kind of negative it was the price. They can be at the top of the budget but when you consider the reduction in injuries, the reduction in muscle fatigue and the improvement in form the price does not seem so high anymore. They are also built to last so that makes the pain of the cost a lot less. These are high quality running shoes that will serve you well.

Hoka was clearly ahead of the pack with their design and the shoes have evolved nicely over the last few years. They are now ranked up there with some of the most popular running shoes when a few short years ago they were looked at as “concept shoes”. Hoka has played a big part in bringing maximum styled runners into the forefront for training.

The Hoka One One is a highly recommended running shoe by anyone that has taken the time to do a Hoka running shoes review. If you’re ready to trade up and do something great for your run these are the shoes you should consider.

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