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Do You Know Calf Compression Sleeve Benefits?

We have all heard of the calf compression sleeve benefits. Benefits range from better times to better recovery. The problem is that some of these “benefits” are actually just placebo effect. The other benefits are indeed real. This article is going to leave you with the real benefits of calf compression sleeves.

First of all, the performance attributes of calf compression sleeves-and all compression equipment for that matter-are placebo effects. According to science, there might be slight performance benefits, but the benefits are not statistically significant.

There are benefits to having compression sleeves, though. These benefits are:


First, the wearer has an added layer of protection in the body. If a basketball player gets hit in the calf with the basketball, it just bounces off the calf instead of inflicting a friction burn or a whelp. An outdoor runner is running along a path and the calf brushes some poison ivy, the leaves get on the sleeve rather than the runner’s leg.

So these sleeves offer a lot of protection for the people that wear them.

Body Temperature Control

Weather tends to be unpredictable during the spring and fall months. The temperature can even drop a good amount within the 45 minute time that you would be out running. So you will either have to wear a warm weather jump suit or risk being cold during your run.

The compression sleeves can be worn as a level of protection against the weather. They can be worn instead of putting on those hot winter cloths. The compression sleeves are made out of breathable material that can keep you cool and can also provide the insulation to keep you warm if needed.


The compression socks can assist in recovery. If compression socks are put on after running or indulging in a long workout, there is scientific evidence that shows the compression sleeves help in the healing and recovery of muscles.

Also, the compression sleeves help in reducing swelling in the affected areas. The theory is that the compression sleeves assist regulating blood flow. Because of this, the blood is not allowed to pool in certain affected areas. Because the blood cannot pool, there can be no swelling.

This improved blood flow, in theory, also helps in oxygenating the compressed area.


People that wear compression sleeve stay clean. Not necessarily from sweat, but from dirt. Any dirt that is stirred up during the activity will end up on the compression sleeve, and not on the person wearing the sleeve.

These are many of the calf compression sleeve benefits. Remember that many of the performance-based benefits, like muscle stabilization, have been determined to be placebo effects by clinical tests. That doesn’t mean that there are not performance benefits in using these compression sleeves. It’s just that they have not been detected clinical studies.

Finally, remember that even body builders do things that are considered placebo effects. They are some of the leanest people in the world. And many of the people that follow the advice of scientists are some of the heaviest people in our society.

If you know of any other compression sleeve benefits, please let us know about them below in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by and stay strong.


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