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Brooks Pure Cadence Review

The Brooks Pure Project line offers four different styles that are geared toward different types of runners. Thelineincludes, Pure Connect, Pure Flow, Pure Grit and Pure Cadence. Brooks Pure Cadence running
shoes are available in Brooks Pure Cadence for Men and Brooke Pure Cadence 2 for women. These snug
fitting running shoes offer excellent support with a minimalist feel. Finding the perfect fitting running shoes can be better than hitting the lottery when you are an avid runner and these running shoes seem to provide the perfect fit for any runner that try’s them.

Brooks has really outdone themselves with the Pure Project line especially when it comes to the Pure Cadence running shoes. There is just nothing negative to say about a pair of running shoes that make you feel like you have nothing on AND still gives your feet the support that you need to run injury free. Here is a in-depth Brooks Pure Cadence Review.

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Runners are loving the lightweight feel of the Brooks Pure Cadence Running Shoes. These running shoes are engineered to provide excellent support without weighing down your foot. Many running shoes are so heavy that the shoe can wear you out after a short distance. The fact that Brooks has been able to provide superior support in a lightweight shoe is simply amazing.

Brooks Pure Cadence light

Stability for Over-pronators

The design of the flexible sole helps to keep the foot from rolling in which reduces stress on the ankle. The small pod built into the sole helps to keep the foot straight. When wearing the shoe you never really notice the pod or the small bar that is also inserted in the sole. At first glance it seems like you would absolutely feel both the bar and the pod but you do not. During a Brooks Pure Cadence 2 Review a runner summed it up beautifully by stating that they have been wearing the Pure Cadence line for a while and it is the first time in their life they have been injury free.

That stability helps you to land on the “whole foot” instead of the heel which causes the majority of injuries. This shoe is specifically designed to protect runners from the pitfalls of running.

Stability for Over-pronators


The Brooks Pure Cadence Men’s and Brooks Pure Cadence 2 Women’s share the same specifications:

  • Ultra-Light
  • Life span of 250-300 miles
  • Durable uppers
  • Patented Sole
  • Smooth interior
  • Perfectly set Nav Band
  • Easy to tie and stay tied bubble laces
  • Split toe box

Great support should not have to weigh you down. The Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes offer a great deal of support to prevent injuries without adding the weight that wears you out. They are long lasting running shoes that can easily stand up to about 300 miles of hard running. The uppers are light weight, breathable and offer a snug fit. The sole is patented with a wider box for your toes and rounded heel to help keep your foot strike in line.

The smooth interior helps to keep blistering down. Other running shoes can have rough interiors that encourage blistering. The Nav band on the Cadence is of generous size and keeps your foot in place. You do not slide around in the Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes like you do in other running shoes. The toe box is split so that the big toe has a bit more freedom and can adequately help to maintain balance.

Brooks makes a good running shoe but each shoe in the line is a bit different for instance when you look at the Brooks Pure Cadence VS the Pureflow initially the differences are not that apparent but once you try the shoes on you can feel the difference.

The Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes are made to correct over-pronation when you are running while the Pureflow is made for runners with a no pronation to a mild pronation. This is a big difference if you have an over pronation that you are trying to correct. The width of the shoes is different as well. The Pureflow is a wider shoe which means you do not get that same snug fit that you get with the Brooks Pure Cadence line. While both running shoes are good if you are trying to compensate for your over pronation than the clear choice is the Brooks Cadence.

What Others Are Saying

Runners take their footwear seriously because they have to. There were quite a few Brooks Pure Cadence 2 reviews out there. They are a favored running shoe so it really was no surprise to find that most runners gave them 5 stars out of a possible 5 star rating. Most runners love the fit and the feel of the shoe. Many runners left comments expressing that their gait has improved and that they can run longer and farther than they could with other types of running shoes. A few reviewers even mentioned that the PF and that this running shoe has stopped the flair ups. Runners are genuinely happy with the results that they are getting from these shoes.

One runner did mention that they felt the shoe was too narrow. These running shoes are different than any other shoe you have worn so there is a transition period where you will have to get used to the fit. They are snug because they are supposed to be. If you tie up the laces to tight than they may feel like they are too narrow for your foot. You can easily rectify the issue by loosening up the laces.


The Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes come highly recommended by most all runners that have purchased these shoes. They are a high quality minimalist running shoe that can help to reduce injuries, improve gait, and improve speed and overall comfort during running. They are a great option for anyone that runs with an over pronation as a matter of fact according to most runners these running shoes are great for any type of runner. They are durable, high quality running shoes.

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