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Best Zero Drop Cushioned Running Shoes

Keep Reading to find out what the top three zero drop cushioned running shoes are. There is a new trend taking the running world by storm. That trend is barefoot running. And there are shoes out now that mimic the trend. They are known as zero-drop running shoes. These shoes are not meant for everyone. This article will cover exactly what zero-drop shoes are, who should and should not wear them, and the top three zero-drop running shoes on Amazon.

First, what are zero-drop running shoes? These are shoes where the heel and the balls of the foot are at even height with one another. This is the way that the foot is supposed to hit the ground. The best part of this shoe is that it allows you to have the feel of running barefoot while still protecting your feet from the ground.

This is opposed to most running shoes. Most running shoes have the heel elevated above the balls of the feet. Then there is usually an arch support in the middle of the shoe. Most people don’t need this kind of foot positioning or support. It is mostly needed for people who are flat-footed and who have high arches.

Second, who might want to consider a zero-drop running shoe? The people that don’t fit the above foot problems are prime candidates for zero-drop shoes. They have good arches that can take the strain of vigorous running without excessive damage to the foot from lack of support.

So if you have good arches, then you will receive a benefit from zero-drop footwear. If you have arch problems, then stay with the tried and true running shoes on the market. Experimenting is not worth injuring yourself.

Now that you know what zero-drop running shoes are and who should wear them. These are the top three zero-drop running shoes on Amazon.

Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 Shoe

The Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 shoe is a zero-drop shoe that comes with a rubber outsole. This feature protects from slipping and other injuries. It’s also made with airmesh rubber. This allows the shoe to breath, helping to keep feet dry and odor free.

As all zero-drop shoes, this shoe allows for good forefoot control while running and gives you a sound platform for heavy resistance lifting in the gym.

Altra Women’s 3-Sum Running Shoe

This shoe has a rubber sole, allowing for better grip on any running surface. This shoe also is made of fabric which allows the shoe to breathe, keeping the foot dry and the shoe odor-free. Finally the shoe is designed with quick-draw laces. This allows the wearer to quickly since the shoes and get out the door.

Altra Men’s Torin 1.5 Running Shoe

This shoe has a toe box that is shaped to the natural shape of the toes. This is opposed to most running shoes that are pointed in the front. This point squeezes the toes, where the bigger toe box of this shoe give the toes plenty of room to move.

These soles are made with meta traction technology. This feature keeps the runner from slipping, falling, and sustaining injury on a wet surface.


These are the top three zero drop cushioned running shoes on Amazon. And you also know what makes a zero-drop shoe zero-drop as well as who should consider these shoes. If you invest in these shoes, then post below and let others know what you think of them. Stay Strong.

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