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Published on April 13th, 2015 | by Mark

6 Best Sandals with Arch Support for Flat Feet

Sandals with arch support are specially made footwear for people with flat feet. But these footwear are not regularly offered for sale in any shoe or footwear shop in shopping malls or convenience stores. Thus searching for a pair to buy sometimes can be frustrating especially for people suffering from foot ailments like plantar fasciitis. There are essential things you need to remember in buying a fitting footwear for people who suffers from plantar fasciitis:

  • Cushioning. Plantar fasciitis will only get worse if you will try to buy and use shoes and sandals not fitted for your foot condition. Just bear in mind that although cushioning will give your feet that comfort mileage. The area and space on your entire feet must be free from any constraint and motion barriers.
  • Arch support. One distinct feature of an orthopedic sandal were the raised arches especially on the midsole portion of the footwear. The size and area of the arch support may vary with different type of made and style as well as brand of the footwear.
  • The fit. You should be able to determine your foot size to seek for an ideal plantar fasciitis footwear.
  • The brand. There are a few trusted and renowned makers of special orthotic footwear. Some of them were even being recommended by your own podiatrist, chiropractor or physical therapist.
  • The design. To suit the occasion where you will wear this special footwear, one may have that option to choose the appropriate design without sacrificing the qualities of an ideal plantar fasciitis footwear.

But do not despair, below please find 6 of the best orthopedic sandals and best sandals for plantar fasciitis we found for men’s sandals with arch support as well as for flat footed women suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The top choices for men:

1. Dunham St. Johnsbury by New Balance

The New Balance Dunham St. Johnsbury is your perfect summer comfortable sandal. Walking in the beach with its adjustable tri-strapped design will always be an adventure. Perfect for your everyday stroll around the neighborhood or anywhere for that easy walk rendezvous. The classic slip on style with added security straps for that extra needed safety on your every step. The heel strap of the Dunham St. Johnsbury by New Balance is completely detachable for you to enjoy that let loose feeling! The New Balance Dunham St Johnsbury is just a click away on this website.

2. Spenco Supreme

The Spenco Supreme Slipper offers the 2-in-one experience of a casual slip with that comfy inspired footbed luxury pair for that supreme comfort and support.  The Spenco Supreme Slipper is the shape that feels great for your feet! Click here for more options.

3. Barrow Suede Slipper

This all season footwear has an upper faux shearling lining covering an orthotic footbed. The rubber outsole offers comfot safety. The Barrow Suede Slipper features the Orthaheel technology, a biomechanic orthotic footbed that allows aligning of your feet naturally to help relieve and ease heel pain as well as reduce the effect of overpronation. Every Barrow Suede Slipper carries an APMA seal of acceptance assuring you with superior and high quality orthotic footwear. View here to appreciate more about the Barrow Suede Slipper.

The top choices for women:

1.  Orthaheel Mojave Women’s Orthotic Sandals – Vionic

Mojave Women’s Orthotic Sandals by Vionic was made with the latest Orthaheel Technology of triple density EVA midsole that offers stability of the rear foot with comfortable cushioning in the heel and forefoot. The elasticized toe ring design with hook and loop adjustable strap for a more customized fit. Uppers were made with leather/nylon materials and VIBRAM for the outsole to help achieve that excellent traction on various ground surfaces. Can be wipe cleaned using damp cloth air to dry. Every pair of the Mojave Women’s Orthotic Sandals by Vionic has received the APMA seal of acceptance. See more on details of the Mojave Women’s Orthotic Sandals via this website.

2. Naot Rongo

Naot Rongo is uniquely designed orthotic-friendly shoe sandal with toe back-strap slide from the Koru collection. The adjustable Velcro strap across the instep added comfort security to keep the feet in place. The padded technical lining was designed for additional comfort and keep the shoe sandal moisture free. The geometric circle design add up style and classic footwear look fit for any occasion. See here to get more information. 

3.     Dhyana Women’s Orthotic Sandals

The Dhayana Women’s Orthotic Sandals was a Vionic pride for one of the great looking women’s sandals equipped with the tri-planarMotion Control footbed in deep heel cup that grip, support and naturally aligns the feet for comfort mobility and pain free experience. The side buckle closure and hidden goring offers snug fit comfort. Made with recycled slip-resistant rubber sole. Designed with full grain leather strap with an exquisite leather flower on the vamp, the Dhayana Women’s Orthotic Sandals fits the feet of women who loves festive and lively events without that ache in the feet. APMA seal of acceptance goes into every pair of the Dhayana Women’s Orthotic Sandals. Fascinate more about through the outstandng features through the vionic website.

For people suffering from plantar fasciitis, activity mobility is limited especially if one cannot find an appropriate set of footwear to buy. But looking and choosing the right orthopedic sandals is not that easy either. It is essential that an individual suffering fromplantar fasciitis must know the points on what to look for to be able to buy and wear a fitting orthotic footwear. There maybe limited resources to find an ideal one but the above suggested choices offers great options for people suffering fromflat feet and the pain of plantar fasciitis. Visit eachindividual websites of the related footwer to guide you more and have other options and insights about the required footwear you need for your feet. Just remember that not every sandals with arch support will fit you. One sometimes are allowed to walk barefoot to experience ground terrain and help you address some issues regarding your foot ailment.

Credit Image: Face the Day by Quinn Dombrowski, on Flickr

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