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8 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

Shopping for running shoes with wide toe box is not a simple task. If you have a pair of feet that is not of an ordinary width could be a problem. You might end up trying everything on the shoe wall of a shoe store and go home without a single pair fit for your wide sized feet. Genetics may have been the cause of having those wide feet, but the body weight also plays a role in why your feet is wider than the rest. Flat feet is normal for infants and toddlers. As they grow old, the feet develop the arches but, some people do not due to genetics. Overpronation is the condition where the feet arches collapse, elongates and flattens allowing the feet to roll inward as a person does the walking and running activities through life leading to the so-called ‘flat feet’ condition.

Foot arches act as the body’s natural shock absorber mechanism in carrying the entire weight of our body. And in order to help the feet carry its function of weight bearing, an ideal pair of running shoes must be able to alleviate the effect of the impact, pain and other feet conditions like plantar fasciitis that develops on the feet through time.

The pain in the heel.

Over time, the plantar fascia in the heels of the feet was subjected to stress and impact of the body weight causing micro-tears, getting inflamed and developed the very painful plantar fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis affects millions of people all over the world. Dealing with this painful condition requires one to wear a pair of shoes that not only fits the size of your wide feet but will likewise offer comfort to the pain brought about by plantar fasciitis.

Running shoes with wide toe box.

One might find benefit wearing orthotic inserts and arch support a good habit to deal with sore heels and ease the pain on the sole. But for people with wide toe box, the best running shoes for wide feet deals primarily with safety, limiting impact stress and prevent overpronation as well as correction of the imbalances brought about by their wide feet and get the most benefit doing their activities in a pair of running shoes with wide toe box.

A look at the minimalist.                   

A trendy minimalist pair of running shoes may look so attractive and ideal. But less structured and conventionally styled running shoes has proven its versatility in terms of safety and health care for the feet according to a recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine or the ACSM.

Let your shoes compensate with your movements.

One of the good things offered by an ideal pair of running shoes must compensate the strength of the feet. Running as well as other impact activities could worsen the condition of plantar fasciitis and to help the feet from further experiencing pain and discomfort, the pair of shoes must help alleviate its sufferings. Below are some important points noted by the ACSM to consider in choosing the ideal pair of shoes especially for wide feet with plantar fasciitis:

  • Minimal heel to toe strikes. The shoes must provide heel to toe drops allowing to normally support impact for each gait cycle.
  • Neutral motion feet and heel control. There must not be any type of constriction or other extra components that will impede motion control for the feet during weight bearing.
  • Lightweight components. A men’s size 9 shoe must weigh 10 ounces or less whereas, an extra wide shoes for women with size 8 shoe must weigh around 8 ounces or less.
  • A wide shoe toe box is a must. Your feet must be able to naturally move while in motion. It should not control motion or stability of the feet to find proper balance and add strength to the function of the feet.
  • Cushioning. High thick soft cushioning may only encourage a person to land with critical impact than being cautious with less cushioned shoes. Thus, thick cushioning may not really offer safety at all but maybe worse for doing high impact activities.
  • High heel and low forefoot cushioning. Cushioning conditioning for both the high heels and low forefoot are unnecessary.
  • Unnecessary extra layers of commercially made arch supports. Orthotics are made to only offer short-term fixes and temporary support. Thus, you don’t need to wear them on a regular basis.
  • Old to new shoe transitioning. Allow to have your feet accustomed in every old to new shoe transitioning. Your feet must fully adapt as a precautionary measure of safety.
  • Observe regular wear and tear life of the shoes. The general rule of thumb to buy a new pair of shoes is when your feet have covered around every 350 miles. But should there be cases where the sole layers reveal before hitting the standard 350 miles, the shoe must need replacement and should be discarded and unfit for use anymore.

And to help you find the best running shoes for wide feet especially those who have signs of having plantar fasciitis, below are the 8 running shoes we find suitable for you men and women with especially wider shaped feet:


  1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS14

Price: $$

The Brooks Adrenalin GTS14 in widths available in D, 2E and 4E. It was a popular option for runners with wider feet and needed medium support. Fits comfortably a variety of foot shapes. Designed in the latest model of a no-stich upper with new lacing designs. 

  1. New Balance 860v4

Price: $$

A distinction on ‘D’ for women with wider feet and ‘2E’ or ‘4E’ for men with extra foot width, the New Balance 860v4 was made with high density EVA foam arches to aid in the control of each foot strike. A technology that helps to prevent overpronation. With its weight of 10.9 ounces, it’s an option for runners who value stability in a lightweight pair of running shoes.  >>>Check Price Now<<<

  1. Saucony Guide 7

Price: $$

The Saucony Guide 7 caters wider shapes for the feet of both men and women. The all-in-one package of support, flexibility and comfort goes into every pair of the Saucony Guide 7. A moderately stable shoes that offer the latest in a soft, well-cushioned stride on every heel-to-toe transitions integrated in each pair of the Saucony Guide 7 power grid heel technology. The reinvention of the Saucony Guide 7 uppers utilizes a seamless and lightweight FlexFilm providing comfort for different types of feet widths. 

  1. Asics Gel Nimbus 16

Price: $$

Want to be a cloud runner? Get into a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 16 and experience that silky smooth running encounter through its Guidance Trusstic System. The plush FluidRide midsole technology offers that run-in-the-cloud silky smooth transition strikes. The Asics Gel Nimbus 16 accommodates less to mild overpronators. 

  1. Asics Gel Nimbus 15

Price: $$

Suitable for runners with less to mild overpronation, the Asics Gel Cumulus 15 offers a ride among the clouds due to the combined technology of foam and gel cushioning in upper mesh design in the forefoot allowing comfort zone for a slightly wider feet. The Asics Personal Heel Fit design was specially made with dual layers of memory foam in the collar to provide that more personalized fit. 

  1. Altra Olympus

Price: $$

Altra Olympus typically comes in regular width shapes, but its uniquely designed wide toe box will be loved by runners who needed more room in wiggling their toes upfront. Altra Olympus’ zero drop platform design allows the feet to move in any type of terrain along the trail. 

  1. Topo ST

Price: $

One may be deceived at the instance on how it looks, as it looks not supremely wide for a fit to a widely shaped feet. But believe it or not, Topo ST is a great choice for people with that extra wide forefeet at a more economically priced bargain. The anatomically shaped pair accommodates a greatly wider toe box width than most conventional running shoes allowing toes to splay slightly in the toe box area. This feature promotes great comfort for the toes in a more natural strike and gait cadence. 

  1. Vasque Ultra SST

Price: $$$

If you are a trail buff, the Vasque Ultra SST is the pair for you. This heavily cushioned pair is the answer for other alternative running activities. With the Vasque Ultra SST ShapeShifter’s feature technology, the upper shoe design is sewn directly right into the shoes’ injection-molded EVA midsoles creating that sock-like fit for different type of foot shapes.  

Tricks Time: Tips to lace your running shoes if you have wide feet.

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