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Best Prohormones on The Market of 2015

The best prohormones on the market can help you to achieve your fitness goals safely. In this article you will discover the difference between prohormones VS steroids, the prohormones side effects that you need to be aware of, what prohormones are safe, the top prohormones on the market,  and which prohormones for runners offer the biggest benefits.

It can be a little confusing when you are considering which prohormones will be the most beneficial. It is also confusing when you compare prohormones to steroids because while they are similar they are not the same. Breaking down the information into smaller doses of information can help you to understand what prohormones are and why the best prohormones on the market are best!

What Are Prohormones?

Prohormones are the precursors to hormones. They are used as fuel by your body to create hormones. Technically they are designer steroids. They are technically testosterone boosters but do not necessarily have the same side effects that anabolic steroids often have. They are also in most cases completely legal while anabolic steroids can get your disqualified from sporting competitions.

How Do They Work?

Prohormones are processed by the liver into hormones however unlike anabolic steroids they are not hepatoxic to the liver so there is no damaging side effects that are common with anabolic steroids. The increase in the production of the hormones improves your stamina and your muscle abilities. A lot of people mistakenly believe that prohormones are only useful for people that lift weights but they can increase your performance in any sport. Prohormones for runners can help to not only increase speed but to also increase endurance. 

The Benefits

You may not even realize that your hormones are out of whack. You may notice that you are tired. You may notice that you cannot run as fast or for as long anymore but you are likely not tuning into the fact that your hormones are not doing their job. Prohormones gently encourage your body to naturally create more of the hormones that you are lacking. In some cases your hormones are there but they are trapped and taking a prohormones can release them. The benefits are:

  • More energy
  • More strength
  • Improved libido
  • Improved sleep patterns

You will see improvements by the third week of taking prohormones if you take the right ones. The best prohormones on the market will easily improve your feelings of overall wellness including your ability to train. You will have more energy to train and get more out of your training. You can expect to experience major improvements in your strength, speed and even how well you recover. You can expect much shorter recovery periods overall with a much easier recovery. Your body will bounce back faster with all those hormones finally doing the job they were meant to do.

Which Prohormones are Safe?

A lot of people worry about which prohormones are safe. The answer is simple they are all safe when taking correctly. All you have to do to ensure your safety is follow the manufacturers recommended dosage and avoid taking them at higher dosage. Doubling up on the dosage will not give you added benefits but will increase the risk of negative side effects.

Side Effects

Prohormones are relatively safe when you take them in the manner intended. Most people that do experience side effects experience them because they are taking far more than they should. One of the key benefits to taking prohormones VS steroids is that prohormones are not hepatoxic they are processed by your body like any food would be.

Overdosing and not following the suggested intake can cause you some health problems as would taking too much of anything. You can experience a break out of acne and other side effects but most people do not. Don’t believe the hype! People would have you believe that prohormones are just another word for designer anabolic steroids. They are not. They are more supplement than designer steroids. Think of them as a nudge for your body to move in the right direction.

Sometimes all your body needs is a little nudge to get on track so you can become a better you and that is exactly what prohormones do they help you to become a better you through a completely natural process. It is like taking any other supplement that works with your body’s natural system to make the most of what your body can do.

Comparison of Prohormones VS Steroids

Prohormones Steroids
Serious Side Effects x
Legal use x
Great results x x
Long term health issues X

Clearly prohormones are the choice when you are trying to enhance your performance without risking your health. Steroids have some serious short and long term health effects including liver damage, sexual reproductive issues and a slew of less serious but none the less disturbing issues. Steroids are outlawed by the FDA unless prescribed by a doctor. Prohormones can be bought over the counter. They both offer great performance benefits but the prohormones offers the benefits at a greatly reduced risk to your health.

The Best Prohormones on the Market

Of course now that you understand what they are, how they work and how they compare to steroids finding the best prohormones on the market is the next step in starting your regiment. It is very important that you start your regiment with the best prohormones that come from a trusted source because these are labeled as natural products the FDA does not closely regulate them.

Reviewing the prohormones to find which ones are best started with setting up a criteria:

  • Highly ranked by users
  • Trusted manufacturer
  • Fair pricing
  • Safe formula

One of the best ways to judge a product is to see what other people that have purchased the product thinks about it. Of course you also want to use a trusted manufacturer that has a good reputation for providing quality products. The price has to be fair and the formula has to be proven safe.

What is the best prohormone on the market? The quest to find the best prohormones resulted in first narrowing things down to the top 3 and then choosing the #1 product out of the top 3.

Here are the results:

  1. Androbolidol


  • Very popular
  • Testosterone enhancer
  • Builds lean muscle mass
  • Liver and prostrate protecting properties

The Androbolidol 1 is a trusted name in prohormones. It helps to increase testosterone levels which enhances performance and chisels away the fat to leave lean muscle mass. It works great according to reviewers. One reviewer was able to lose almost 100 pounds of fat in about 4 months. These performance enhancing prohormones can easily help you to improve your performance, lose weight and feel great.

  1. Revolution PCT Black and Red Pure Test Combo


  • Estrogen inhibition with Testosterone recovery
  • Reduces the production of cortisol
  • Increases Libido
  • Helps to restore overall good health
  • Minimizes fat and fat gain
  • Maximizes mediated anabolic process

This product is a very popular product that receives very high ratings and recommendations from users. It offers a full range of protection for the liver and the prostrate in the form of all natural supplements that are part of the formulary. It works to restore all around good health by combining the prohormones with natural vitamin supplements. Another big pro to this option is the cost. It is under $30 for a complete series.

  1. TEST WORx =  —  Check Cheap Offer Online Now 


  • Money back guarantee
  • Made in the USA under safe fda & cgmp certified & regulated Facilities
  • Guaranteed effective

TEST WORx is guaranteed effective with regular use. It is guaranteed to increase your stamina, cut down your fat, improve your mood and help you sleep better. It also helps to increase libido. The reviews of over 1900 people all point to the fact that this formula works. No one had any complaints. The price is right around $20 for these supplements that were created under the research of MIT. The manufacturer guarantees your money back if you do not feel a change after 2-4 weeks. This is also a highly tested and researched product that has been well received by runners and other athletes that have used this product with relatively few complaints about side effects. There does seem to be a positive/negative side effect that is reported by most users. A high increase in libido.

The Best

While all three of these products seem to perform as promised there can only be one best and that one best has to be the Androbolidol because it has the most scientific proof backing up its formula and conducts regular independent tests to ensure that the formula works.

You can take any of the three listed here and get the outcome you have hoped for. You will lose weight and get rid of fat that is weighing you down. You will also be able to run faster for longer. As long as you follow the recommended dosage you should experience any of the side effects.

Keeping everything in balance is a lot easier when your body has the support it needs and these supplements will do the trick.


Prohormones are completely safe when taking in the right dosage so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have ever had a bad reaction to steroids you should talk to your doctor before you start a cycle of prohormones. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure or are on any medications for the treatment of any condition you probably should speak to your doctor before you start taking a prohormone just to be sure that there is no chance of having a reaction. Even all natural options can cause a reaction when mixed with some pharmaceuticals.

Advice for Runner who would like to try prohormones

If you are a runner, you will want to avoid this stuff. This is a muscle-building supplement, not a runner’s supplement. There are reports of runnersbonking on a consistent basis when taking prohormones. And this makes sense. I have never seen a bulked out endurance runner. In fact, long distance endurance running actually cannibalizes muscle. So when you are taking this stuff to gain muscle and you are also endurance running, you are working against yourself. It is definitely advised that runners avoid this prohormone supplement class. It is actually much safer to take supplements that are Non-Creatite based. And if you choose to consume meat protein, then you can use whey or some other products. These products are much safer and you don’t have to worry about crashing after you come off of them. You may even be able to keep your gains. It is always best to err on the side of caution so if you have any concerns be sure to speak to your health care provider.

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