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Best Pre Workout Without Creatine

Keep reading to find out the best pre workout without creatine. There are plenty of reasons why people might not want to consume creatine. Some people might be minors whose parents forbid them taking the stuff. Other people probably just don’t want to bulk out. They just want a solid, tone body.

These people are looking for pre-workout supplements that are creatine-free. Something that they can take that will help them get the results that they are looking for in the gym without of the bulking effect.

Well, you have come to the right place. And when you get done reading this, you will have the top non creatine, pre-workout products on the market.

The top three non-creatine picks are:

Cellucor N0 Extreme Creatine Free Pre Workout

The Cellucore N0 Extreme is a state of the art non-creatine pre-workout supplement. This product has Nitrous Oxide, which is known to increase the pliability of blood vessels and blood flow. NO provides for more pliable and stronger blood vessels and for better nutrient flow through the body.

N0 Extreme also has NO3, or nitrite. Nitrite helps to tone and tighten muscle. This helps in getting that tight, tone body that you are looking for from this kind of product.

When you buy N0 Extreme, you are buying a product that has no creatine, no sugars, and 1g of carbs. This means that you are not getting any nutrients that will bulk you out. The only nutrients you’re getting are those that will get you tight and tone. 

Controlled Labs White Flood Reborn

White Flood is a pre workout supplement with no fillers, no dies, and no Creatine. It’s NO based, so you get the blood vessel plasticity and blood flow characteristic of NO. This allows for better pump and better gains overall in the gym.

Even better, there are added ingredients that provide extra energy so you don’t bonk in the gym. And another benefit of this product is that it increases mental concentration and focus. 

Universal Nutrition Animal Rage

This product has a proprietary blend of ingredients that will sustain you in the gym while giving you awesome pumps. You should definitely get through a workout without bonking. However, one if the ingredients in Rage is caffeine. So if you can’t have caffeine because of religious or medical reasons, then you will want to skip Rage.

Also keep in mind, that if you accidentally purchase Rage XL rather than just the regular Rage, then the XL version does have creatine in it. So if you are looking for something that is creatine free, then make sure you get the original Rage. 

So there you have it. These are the best pre workout without creatine. They are definitely more expensive than the products with creatine, but in general, you do pay for value. And also, keep in mind that creatine can be bad for kidneys when used for long periods (6months+). So it is well advised to get off the creatine supplements and use some of these supplements instead. Stay strong.

PS: If you are looking for the best prohormones on the market for your bodybuilding, please do be careful, see this article.

Image Credit: Running Man Kyle Cassidy” by Kyle Cassidy – Email. Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 viaWikimedia Commons


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