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Best Outdoor Hobbies for Men: Both Expensive and Cheap Hobbies

Read further to find five of the best hobbies for men. With the economy going the way that it is, it is best to find hobbies that can also be seen as trades. You can also look for hobbies that can produce items that you can trade with. You should also consider hobbies that that can help you support the trade-type hobbies. And finally, it is a good idea to have a type of hobby that can provide some exercise.

To fill the bill for the above list, the five recommended hobbies are:

  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Range Shooting
  • Gardening
  • Canning


Hiking is a great hobby that combines many potential benefits into one. First, it’s a family-oriented hobby. You can take your family out on the hike and enjoy time with them. This is super because it allows you to spend time with the most important people in your life. This also allows you to share some good memories with them, as well.

Hiking also gets you back into nature. We as mankind were intended to be in nature. We were never meant to stay in cities for our whole lives. So Hiking allows you to get out where you belong. You get to listen to the wind blow through the trees and the animals and wildlings existing in nature. There is really nothing healthier than this…and you get to experience it on your hike.

Finally, hiking is great exercise. Walking up and down woodland trails and hills can be taxing on the system. This leads to overall fitness. You will notice that your system will be taxed and eventually become stronger. This rugged terrain and this activity will only develop you and make you stronger.

For all these reasons, hiking is a great hobby to get started with. And it is relatively inexpensive to get started. You just need a good pair of hiking boots and a good canteen or two for everyone that is going hiking with you.


Hunting is a great sport to be involved in. It’s very challenging. You have to know the patterns of the animal that you are hunting. After all, you don’t want to waste time waiting on animals that aren’t going to show up.

Second, in hunting you have to know how to track animals as well. This means identifying the kinds of animals that leave tracks and how fresh the tracks are.

Third, it gives you another chance to get back out into nature. Remember, we are a people of nature. We were never meant to be in the city. Therefore, the more you can stay out in nature, the better off you’re going to be in life. You will be coming from a more peaceful, calm, and centered life.

Finally, you are getting a high-quality meat, and without all the chemicals added that you would get in the supermarket. Also, the flavor is different because of the wild roughage consumed by the wild game, as opposed to the corn and other garbage consumed by domesticated cattle.

And you can also take hunting further if you wanted to. Instead of taking your game to processors to process the meat, you could learn to process the game yourself. This is always a possibility. Some people may not be interested in learning this skill, but it’s not a problem. There will always be someone to do the processing for you.

The problem is that many hunting firearms are rather expensive. For example, a Remington 750 model is at least $500.00 the last time I checked. And some people use All Terrain Vehicles while hunting. They can be rather expensive as well. If you can afford this stuff, then hunting is a way to go for a hobby that could feed your family and get you back out to nature.

Range Shooting

Range shooting is a great hobby that can keep your shooting skills honed when you’re not in hunting season. This is also something you can do with your family. You just have to teach your children about firearms safety. After that, range shooting is a superior way to teach your children responsibility (I’ve heard of some children shooting at 6…pellet guns first please).

There are also two primary ways that you can range shoot, too. First, you can plink at targets, and then you can run-and-gun.

When plinking at targets, you just set some targets up down-range and shoot at them. Nothing more involved than that.

With the run-and-gun, you set of three ranges, each 50 yards apart from one another. You run to the first lane and shoot the targets with a pistol. Then you run to the next one and shoot it with a semi-automatic rifle. Finally, you run to the last one and shoot it with a bolt action. The point of this training is to be able to precision shoot while your body is under stress…mainly recuperating from the run.

If you have been hunting, then range shooting should be relatively inexpensive. It’s just a matter of making sure you have enough bullets to enjoy the afternoon, or however long you’re going to be out.


Gardening is a hobby that has many benefits. It is something that you can do to put back some food. Gardening gets you working with the earth, just like you are supposed to be doing. And finally, gardening is something that the whole family can get involved with.

With the economy the way it’s going and food getting more expensive, it would be a good plan of action to start setting back food. So why not grow it?

Another benefit to growing your food is that you know what that food is. You know that you aren’t eating any Monsanto “Frankenfood”. This is always a plus.

And this is also another opportunity to spend time with the family. The world needs stronger families these days, and this is a perfect time to build a stronger family. Everyone can be involved in the planting and harvesting of the food that comes from the garden.

You get to get back and working with the earth again. This is where you are supposed to be working. In the earth getting your hands dirty. Not on some warehouse floor or in some office cube separated from the outside world.

And if you live in an apartment, that’s no problem. Just plant a potted garden. You can just go out and buy flower pots and plant your garden in the pots. Just make sure you buy big planting pots for tomato plants, and if you’re going to grow Rosemary that you want to get to any decent size.

Gardening can be expensive because you have to buy the motorized tiller to till the land that you are going to put the garden in. You may also want to get some top soil for the garden if you think you will need it. Other than that, it’s rather inexpensive.


After you have grown and harvested your food, you will most likely have an overflow. The best thing to learn is how to can your overflow. After all, you don’t want the food you worked so hard to grow to go to waste, do you?

But canning can be pretty expensive starting out. You have to buy the canning bath, the canning pressure cooker for fruits and preserves, jar tongs, jars, rings, caps, and a wide-mouth funnel. You may also have to buy preservatives as needed.

The nice thing is that most of these materials are an up-front fixed cost. You just pay for the items one time and it’s done. After that, the jars are reusable as long as you don’t microwave them. If you try to use a microwaved jar, then it will most likely break.

You also have to keep buying the lids. When you open the jars, the lids will bend to the point where they are no good. But it’s alright. The lids are inexpensive.

Then from there, you just have to buy more jars, lids, and rings as necessary.

One other notice, canning can be a little finicky. Everything has to be sterile in the canning process. If the jars and lids don’t remain sterile, then you risk contaminating what you can.

Finally, I recommend the Ball Blue Book for your canning recipes. Ball is the largest canning supplier and they have some pretty good recipes in their book.


These are five hobbies for men. All but one of them is for the outdoors. Even though the fifth one is for the indoors, it is still vitally important for you to learn how to preserve your grown food. But all of these hobbies are superior hobbies for you, and you should consider getting involved in all five of them. Stay Strong.

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