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Best Hobby Ideas for Women

Continue reading to find out what the best bobby ideas for women are. Really, there are many hobbies that men and women can equally do. But there are some that are simply better suited for women than men. This is just a part of our genetic make-up. So included below will be some hobbies that you can do with the man you love as well as some that will tend to be more for women specifically.

These hobbies are:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Gardening
  • Canning
  • Knitting

These hobbies will be discussed in detail below.


Hiking is something that you can enjoy both by yourself and with your family. Hiking is also great exercise and gets you back out into nature.

Always remember that the most important thing in life is people and the most important people are your family. This is the truth, no matter what society tells you. And whatever you do to be closer to your family will pay dividends now and down the road.

And another thing is that we are creatures of nature. We are supposed to be out in nature. Not in some concrete jungle. So hiking helps you get back in the element that you are supposed to be in. You get to smell the wilderness and hear the wildlife as you walk the trails and get your exercise in.

And overall, because of the benefits, hiking can be very rewarding and relaxing. Hiking will help you build a stronger family, and expand your natural roots while letting the cares of the world fall away.

Hiking can be relatively inexpensive to enjoy. You may just want to get a good pair of hiking boots and a good canteen or two for each member of the family.


Camping has many of the same benefits as hiking. The difference is that you are spending even more time in nature. And you also get to work on other sub-hobbies like building base camps, tying knots (a very useful skill in a pinch), foraging, and orienteering (compass navigation and map-reading).

By the way, orienteering is a lost skill that needs to be re-developed. We are in conflict with nations that are threatening to destroy the GPS Satellite Infrastructure if a war ensues. I’m not saying that war is imminent by any means, but if the GPS infrastructure goes down, then the only things you will have are maps and compasses. You can kiss that GPS goodbye. So Orienteering is indeed a very good skill to develop…and camping is the ideal place in which to learn it.

There is also the family time. In the evening, you can roast s’mores over the fire and tell ghost stories and folk tales. And really, the travesty today is that we have lost Paul Bunion and Jonny Appleseed to people like Kim Kardashian and shows like Dancing with the Stars. And culture is a terrible thing to lose.


Gardening is one of those hobbies that gets you back to nature again. Today, we are in a system where you go to the supermarket and get everything you need. The problem with this system is that if something happens (even a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina) there is only a three day supply of food on the shelves.

You can circumvent this issue by growing a garden. You can till out a little plot of ground in your property and plant stuff. Then you will be largely self-sufficient. And you would be amazed how much food you can grow on a 20 foot x 20 foot plot of land (or even smaller!).

If you live in an apartment and the apartment complex will let you, then you can grow a potted garden. Just buy some flower pots, fill them with potting soil, and plan your crops in them. The growth might not be as big, but it’s definitely better than nothing.

The best part about gardening is that the family can get involved in the planting and the harvesting. So gardening is very family-friendly.

Gardening can be expensive because you will want to get a motorized tiller to till the area and you may have to add some top soil as needed every year. Once that is done, though, gardening is rather inexpensive, especially if you use heirloom seeds (with heirlooms, you can harvest the seeds from the previous year’s harvest.).


After gardening, then next obvious hobby would be canning. Depending on how big your garden is, you will have plenty of food that needs to be put away. The way to do that is through canning. The problem with canning is that it can be a little expensive to get started.

You will need a canning-sized pressure cooker, a canning bath, a pair of jar tongs, a rack for the jars that are in the canning bath, jars, lids, rings, wide-mouth funnel, preserving agents (as needed), and a cookbook (I recommend the Ball Blue Book).

After you get the primary items, the jars and rings can be reused (as long as you don’t microwave the jars). You must always buy new lids as when you open the jars, you will bend the lids and make them unusable.

But, once you get the main items, canning tends to be rather inexpensive. Just buy more jars, rings, and lids as needed.

This is one of those hobbies that you can get the family involved with. Are you noticing a trend here…the most important thing is life is people and the most important people in your life are your family.

So you are preserving the garden’s overflow of food, and you are spending time with those that are closest to you.

By the way, I would recommend canning, even if you don’t have a garden. Just go to the farmer’s market or the grocery store and buy a few pounds of green beans to start with, and can those. You may get about seven quarts put away for a rainy day, and you know what preservatives are in them, too.


And now I am going to include a potential hobby that can be all yours…knitting.

Your family is going to need warm covers for the winter and you will eventually need some stress relief, especially in the evening. This is something that you can teach others in your family to do (but is specifically geared to females traditionally). But each project tends to be a solo project.

Knitting takes skill and precision, but can be a real stress-reliever and is a valuable resource.


Taking up a hobby can be a rewarding experience. A hobby is a great stress reliever, and can be a valuable skill for barter and trade, too. This is extremely important as we see that our economy isn’t improving.

There will always be a need for fitness, food, and warmth, and the hobbies presented here provide an outlet for all three needs.

And most of the suggestions above give you hobbies that can help bring your family closer together. After all the most important people in your life should be your family.

So in conclusion, the list above really lists some of the best hobby ideas for women. I wish you well in discovering these hobbies and others. Stay strong.

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