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10 Best Flip Flops With Arch Support

Flip Flops with Arch Support

For those with plantar fasciitis, the story is quite familiar. Pain and inflammation of the plantar fascia, a muscle that connects from your toes down to your heel bone, is expected to send stabbing pain with every step, especially those taken early in the morning, and those after long periods of standing or running.

Risk Factors

Instead of acting like a shock-absorbing bowstring, supporting your arch, you are left with a muscle tissue that is torn, irritated, and inflamed. The risk only goes up with:

  • Age
  • Exercise
  • Your foot mechanics: Flat-feet, high arches, uneven weight distribution can stress the plantar fascia.
  • Obesity
  • Long work hours

Those ages 40-60 years old seem to suffer the most from this condition as do those who perform exercise that places too much stress on the heel such as excessive running.

Having flat-feet or high arches also exasperates the problem, as does uneven weight distribution. Add to that long hours at work spent standing on hard surfaces and you have a recipe for plantar fasciitis pain.

What Can Be Done?

You could either ignore the problem or seek out orthotic footwear to help decrease the symptoms and pain.

Going with the first option is unwise. Ignoring plantar fasciitis may actually lead to chronic heel pain that will keep you from enjoying every day activities. Furthermore, changing your walking posture rather than correcting the support problem can lead to knee, foot, hip, and even back problems.

The summer season brings a unique challenge, as it is season of heat.Though supportive, orthopedic sneakers are too bulky to wear to the beach, quick runs to the store, or simple indoor wear for proper support and pain relief.

The solution? Flip Flops specially designed for arch support, also known as orthotic/orthopedic flip flops.

What are orthotic flip flops?

Orthotic flip flops are those that make it their mission to provide proper arch support to those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. These shoes are often shaped with supportive contours on the flatbed of the shoe, which provide proper arch support.

The Benefits of Arch Support Flip Flops

  • Provide arch support
  • Provide a break from regular orthotic shoes
  • Perfect for hot weather and the beach
  • Are quick to put on and take off
  • Can help correct over-pronation
  • Provide your feet with breathability

They are quite different from regular flip flops that do no provide any form of support and are intended for casual use rather than extended periods of walking.

In fact, the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) strictly warns against the use of regular flip flops for high impact activities, long walks, or extended standing.

This is because they have little to no arch support, no shock absorption, and no ankle protection. Orthopedic flip flops change this, and many today are known to bear the APMA Seal of Acceptance.

So which brands are approved and recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association?

SOLE, Chaco, and Vionic with Orthaheel Technology are the top favorites of the American Pediatric Medical Association. The majority of these sandals have received the APMA seal of approval. Additional flip flops that

Recommended Flip Flops: In-Depth Review and Features

The SOLE Platinum Sandals

Sole is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of their customers. Their sandals have been clinically proven to be effective and reduce strain by 1/3.

Furthermore, their flip flops and footwear is customizable and medically accepted by The American Pediatric Medical Association. This company offers many products for individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis including heat-molded customizable insoles.

They also offer thong sandals with specially designed orthopedic footbeds or both men and women. These particular sandals are known as the Platinum Sandals and have an added metatarsal support pad.

What is great is that the arch support can be adjusted to your particular arch while the straps are designed to accommodate the specific differences of both gender’s feet.

The SOLE Sport Flips

Accepted by the APMA, these flip-flops are very versatile. They are known for the following features:

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Include orthopedic footbed
  • Non-marking outsoles
  • Forefoot cushion pad
  • Fits narrow feet well

Possible Cons

  • Footbed is hard
  • Strap is tight and sometimes causes chafing

Chaco Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

Chaco is another popular brand for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. This brand has both thong sandals as well as non-thong, and sandals with straps. These straps are praised as being extremely adjustable to ensure a proper and comfortable fit. They can be purchased easily online. See Current Price and more Customer Reviews.

Chaco Flip EcoTread

This sandal is advertised as “the Flips without the flop” and feature many comfortable features.


  • Polyurethane footbed
  • Slip resistant Design
  • Contoured heel cup and arch support
  • Durable
  • Fits Wide Feet as well as narrow

Vionic With Orthaheel Technology Flip Flops

These flip flops were designed by a podiatrist by the name of Phillip Vasyli from Australia. Their purpose is to help restore natural alignment to those who walk with over-pronation and suffer from flattened arches. The company was formally known simply as Orthaheel. Since then it has become Vionic with Orthaheel Technology.

They are very lightweight, thick-soled, flexible, as well as shock absorbing.  -> Check Price and More<-

Popular models of Vionic Orthaheel sandals include:

  • Vionic Bryce
  • Ryder
  • Tide Slide
  • Tide
  • Wave

Orthaheel Vionic Bryce

The Orthaheel Vionic Bryce Toe Post has much to brag about. This health industry leader has created a leather-made sandal with triple-density EVA for cushioning and stability purposes. The outsole is designed with VIBRAM which provides optimal traction on any surface, both wet and dry.

Pros of the Vionic Bryce Toe Post

  • Arch Support
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Durability
  • Motion-control footbed
  • Forefoot and heel cushioning
  • Positive reviews from customers

Possible Cons

  • A little expensive -> Current Price
  • Features high arches that may be unusual for some customers

Orthaheel Ryder

Orthaheel Ryder sandals are cheaper than the Orthaheel Bryce. They were created to help correct severe pronation and bring back your stride to its natural form. These sandals come with foam lined straps as well as a soft toe post to prevent chaffing and provide comfort. >> Current Price <<


  • Extra heel cushioning
  • Arch Support
  • Corrects over-pronation
  • lightweight and flexible
  • Adjustable straps

Possible Cons

  • Outer sole does not provide as much traction on slippery and wet surfaces
  • Is often found to be wide on narrow feet

Orthaheel Tide Slide

Orthaheel once again makes the top list with the Orthaheel Tide Slide. These sandals feature deep heel cups and solid arch support. This support helps ensure motion control thanks to its stability and functionality. Furthermore, Orthaheel shoes have become known for their successful pain relief. This particular sandal is large and many have found that they need to go down 1/2 size for proper fit. >>check current price and more reviews.<<

Additional Pros

  • Provide proper support
  • Many positive reviews
  • Many styling options

Orthaheel Vionic Womens Tide II Post Toe Sandal

This sandal sells at a cheap price. It features 16 colors from which to chose and uses leather and webbing for the upper material. The tread of the shoe is geometrically patterned. This sandal is podiatrist-designed and offers a biomechanics orthotic footbed with deep heal cups to help realign your feet back into their natural position.

Orthaheel Vionic Tide sandals come in several varieties such as Tide II and Tide Sequins allowing you to find both the comfort and style you are looking for.

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Unisex Wave Orthotic Sandal

This sandal is made to fit both men and women and features gender neutral colors and design. It has the seal of approval by the American Podiatry Association. Its features include:

  • Durable fabric
  • Rubber sole and traction
  • Lightweight/flexible EVA midsole which absorbs shock
  • Specifically designed for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, over pronation, and flat feet.
  • Click to Check out price and more reviews

Spenco PolySorb Total Support Yumi

Favored by many, these sandals have consistently been rated as one of the best when it comes to comfort and support. Spenco offer’s many products that include top quality orthotic inserts and shoes. The EVA surface of these sandals molds over time to create a customized shoe.


  • Compression-molded/contoured footbed
  • Proper support for Flat Feet
  • Medium arch support
  • Rubber polyester and sole
  • Deep heel support
  • Soft straps
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable: Check current price and more reviews

Possible Cons

  • The outer sole has been known to leave scuffs on floors sometimes and some believe that the sandal has a slightly cheap look to them.

OluKai Ohana

These sandals are very popular both for their comfort and support and their attractive designs. They feature a compression-molded EVA midsole as well as a soft “drop in”footbed. Vegans will appreciate the fact that this product has 0% use of animal products. Average price can be checked online. >>Check current price and more reviews<<


  • Comfortable
  • Supportive of high arches
  • TPR outsole with wave patterned tread
  • Padded neoprene upper liner
  • Water-resistant synthetic leather strap
  • Soft, quick-drying Lycra knit lining and neoprene backer.


The CROCS Capri IV has many attractive features. It is made with synthetic materials and has a comfortable footbed. The overall look of the sandal is sporty and includes circulation nubs. These circulation nubs help keep your feet cushioned at all times. Furthermore, it is made of odor-resistant croslite material. They come in a nice variety of color options. They do not, however, have the APMA Seal of Approval. -> Check discount and more reviews


Plantar Fasciitis is no joke. Those who suffer from it know first hand the excruciating pain that occurs first thing in the morning and appears after long hours of standing as well as any activity that places a strain on the plantar fascia muscle.

If one has any of the additional risk factors, the problem is even further exasperated. Add to that flat-feet and over pronation and you have a recipe for pain. Fortunately there are solutions on the market. Brands such as Chaco, Vionic Orthaheel, and SOLE offer models that are designed by podiatrists and help alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis. Additional sandal options include CROCS Capri, OluKai’ Ohana, and Spenco also offer shoes that are comfortable.

These sandals allow you to enjoy flip flips without sacrificing your health. Although they do not offer the best support for your entire foot, they fit snugly, conform to your foot, and offer enough support to support fallen or high arches.

Wearing these sandals allows your feet relief from the heat and a break from regular orthotic sneakers without sacrificing comfort and support. And support is key when it comes to dealing with your heel pain.

The right shoe for you can be found and these 10 options come in a wide range of prices to fit all budgets. One thing is certain, wearing these sandals is better than going barefoot or going with generic flip flops. So kick off your orthotic working shoes and put on these lightweight orthotic flip flops for your after-hours arch support needs. Let your feet breath and enjoy the summer.


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Image Credit: feet by Filipe Varela, on Flickr

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