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Best 3 Commuter Hybrid Bikes Under 500 of 2015

Looking for the best commuter hybrid bikes under 500 might be quite a challenge not only because of the price constraint but likewise due to the expectations a rider would like to have on a bike that will serve as its buddy and bestfriend touring and crisscrossing along roads and trails and into various obstacles and terrain conditions. Getting an all-in-one bike with the price under 500 dollars could be stiff and sometimes so impossible. But for people who are passionate with bikes and cycling, the price may have just been a factor but not a serious deterrent to get hold of a commuter hybrid bike that will take them to places of adventures, get fit, have fun and experience life outdoors. A hybrid bike is a bike ride for every rider, a bike for every purpose that fits the way you work, play and live life happily, healthy and a life full of adventure. But what’s so into a hybrid bike that people are making a hype over them.

Fun and health in biking and cycling.

Biking and cycling around is a great activity to get fit and have fun adventures around. And to go with this great activity is a bicycle that could conquer not only your physical challenges but also what lies ahead every road and trails you’re getting into. That is why an ideal hybrid bike must be around to set and get you into the mood and sustain your passion.

Hybrid bikes, what are they?

Hybrid bikes are categorized as general-purpose bicycles that can withstand wide ranged conditions with add-ins to execute various trail challenges and rider conveniences. Hybrid bikes offer stability, comfort, convenience and ease of use than ordinary bicycles can offer. It basically combines the features of a road and a mountain bike into a more sturdy, fast and comfortably convenient riding experience both on roads and trail paths.

Why do you need a hybrid bike?

Like most gadgets and utilities, great features are integrated to make them popular to people who uses them and below are some of the uses and features of a hybrid bike:

  • A better upright frame for comfortable body riding positioning.
  • A more thick and sturdy frame that can handle body weight and cargo while taking the challenges of day to day riding punishments on both plain and rough terrains.
  • Moderately wider tires for improved traction and stability.
  • Lighter rims for swift riding maneuvers.
  • Tail gears and light components for safer faster riding strides.
  • The tires are equipped with higher recommended air pressures in a much similar aspect like those of real road tires in terms of inflation level.
  • The leveled up air pressure on the tire allows a faster function due to the reduced rolling resistance.
  • Most hybrid bikes are made with the economically priced lightweight ‘cro moly’ aluminum ideal for their strength and durability features.
  • The typical flat handle bars resembles that of the ones in a mountain bike which allow the rider to grip on an upright body position for better vision and bike control.
  • Hybrid bikes are typically equipped with two or three front chain rings for its crank assembly similar like those you can find on a road bike. These front chains compensate with those on the rear wheels allowing the rider with 16 to 27 viable combinations for a more competitive drive with other hybrid riders on the path.
  • Regular hybrid bikes may come with platform pedals whereas the most advanced types may even come with clipless pedals allowing the rider to secure their cleated shoes to the pedals.
  • Other adds on accessories like a cyclocomputer, frame pump, tool bag, cage, lights, locks and water bottle are optional accessories a rider can gear up on a hybrid bike.

What we could find.

With all the qualities of an ideal hybrid bike, we have identified the top 3 we could find to help you out in choosing the best ones and here they are listed below:

  1. Product Name: Performance Hybrid Bike Flat Bar Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c Bicycle

Affordability and great performance come in every Shimano Performance Hybrid Bike 21 Speed 700cc Bicycle. Its sturdy aluminum frame was designed for built and speed. The perfect choice for comfort and easy commuting to the campus or a weekend journey around the city or by the countryside. Its urban saddle, rear rack and water bottle makes that perfect fitness and commuting ride. Cruise smoothly on the road and easy over the hills with its Shimano 700cc x 25c tires, trigger shifters of 7 speed rear and 3 speed front gears on a 21 speed controls. Other desired features include:

  • Includes the 21 speed Shimano shifters to conquer roads and hills at easy speeds.
  • The ergo designed alloy riser styled handlebars and comfy saddle ensures pleasurable rides.
  • With fast 700cc x 28c tire wheels.
  • Strong 6061 aluminum with aero tubing frame.
  • Integrated hi-ten straight blade fork for stability and safety.
  • Lightweight 6061 Double Butted Aluminum with rear rack mount points.
  • Equipped with the versatile Shimano trigger shifters.
  • 700c Doubled Walled CNC Machined Sidings
  • 21 Speeds to manage any condition
  • Includes free pedals.

Ride away with a Shimano, visit Amazon for information and more.

  1. Product Name: Schwinn Men’s Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle, Black, 18-Inch Frame

Schwinn Men’s Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle, Black, 18-Inch Frame will give you the feeling of ultimate satisfaction for that hybrid bike experience without that hype marketing tagline most bicycle products carry. It’s true to real product offerings include:

  • Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame assembly with quality Schwinn suspension fork.
  • Integrated Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur with the dependable Shimano EZ fire shifters.
  • Lightweight alloy rims are durable for front quick release.
  • Cushioned comfort style seat that comes with suspension seat post for ultimate comfort.
  • Sweptback handlebar for that perfect upright riding position.

Schwinn Men’s Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle, Black, 18-Inch Frame were made to give you the ultimate riding satisfaction.  The product was among the popular choice in the market with so many good reviews and feedbacks. Be among those who have loved to ride this prime quality hybrid bike. Read more of the great features of Schwinn’s hybrid bike features on its Amazon page.

  1. Product Name: Sonoma Urban Commuter Chainless Bike Women’s

Every dynamic feature goes with the sleek and stylish looks you ever wanted in a hybrid bike. Join the chainless revolution of the Sonoma Urban Commuter Chainless Bike and be awesome! The Sonoma Urban Commuter Chainless Bike highlights the breakthrough feature technology of a chainless bicycle plus all the following great features:

  • Chainless with lightweight aluminum body frame for easy gliding and riding.
  • Its stylish T-shock suspension fork absorbs humps and bumps for that smooth and easy to manage rides.
  • The D-Drive system eliminates chain and derailleur for that less-maintenance yet comfortable riding experience.
  • The Chainless system significantly works quieter, smoother, and durable than conventional chain-driven bike systems.
  • Comfort satin cushioned saddle ideal for long travels
  • Equipped with front and rear alloy V-brakes with smooth to touch finish.
  • Comes with a multipurpose carrying rack for carrying essentials while riding.
  • High-density and sturdy dual rubber handgrips
  • Comes with the distributor’s (Dynacraft) 2-year warranty on all components and lifetime warranty on the frame, fork, and D-Drive systems.

View all the great features of the Sonoma Chainless Evolution Commuter on Amazon to appreciate this awesome product.

Some final musings.

For people who are thinking that hybrid bikes could be the best option for a 2-in1 bicycle product must think well about the ultimate functionality of how the basics are made for each specialized bicycles. Hybrid bikes cannot compete nor are comparable in terms of performance with a two, 4-wheeled or even a monotype motorized vehicle. Simply because they are individually built to be ridden on different ground terrain. A hybrid bicycle which is basically developed, derived and blended features from its road and mountain bicycles counterpart may have some amenities from the road and mountain bicycles but definitely does not exactly function 100% like a fully functional road or mountain bicycle.

A hybrid bike is a wise choice for a much leisure, in town or country riding experience. The key to getting the best commuter hybrid bikes depend not only on the price of the equipment but most about its road and path safeness, convenience, dependability and other functionalities it will bring as you cruise and stride on every path and roads despite all the challenges that lies ahead. Having a commuter who basically will be a road friend, your jack of all trades and be with you through the ups and downs of your journey is something not every bicycle can offer.

A hybrid bike is an ideal companion for someone who’s into full adventure that endures the rugged path. Absorbing challenges and suspending comfort and ease as you enjoy the great outdoors. Transport, commute, get fit, have fun. And once you’ve found that economically priced and the best hybrid bike around, hump on, flaunt it, get fit and enjoy the ride with your buddy and one of the best commuter hybrid bikes under 500 in town!

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