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Best Blender for Protein Shakes

There is nothing better than being able to prepare your own protein shakes. Having the best blender for protein shakes makes it easy to prepare a shake any time you want one. There are plenty of models on the market to choose from but figuring out which one is best can be difficult. A lot of people make the mistake of shopping by price without doing a lot of research and wind up with a blender that does not perform as they want it to and they do not use it.

Blenders believe it or not play a key role in how often you will put together a shake. If your blender is not on par than it will sit on the counter and never get used but if you get the best blender for protein shakes than you will use it, get healthy and live a better life. It sounds crazy to think that one item can have so much influence on your life but it can. Having the right blender that is easy to use and that will serve you well will make getting healthy a lot easier. It is all about having the right tools.

Finding the best blender for protein shakes does not have to be a trial and error experience. You do not have to go out and by the most expensive blender to get the best blender. You do not have to try a few to find the best one. In other words you do not have to waste your money on a quest or your time reading through reviews. This article has you covered. You will be able to find the best blender for protein shakes once you read through this article.

What We Did

We looked at hundreds of reviews for blenders that are specifically made with creating protein shakes in mind. We set up a criteria before we ever got started to find the best blender for protein shakes. We considered the things that were most important to us like:

  • Customer satisfaction rating
  • Pricing
  • Style

It is important to consider what other people are saying about a product. It is also important to look at as many reviews as possible to really get a feel for a product. If one or two people hate it but 200 love it than it is fair to say that maybe the one or two that are hating the product are having a bad day and would hate every product on that day.

Pricing is a bit more of a challenge to determine since there are so many models out there that range in price points dramatically. The price points can range from $15-$500 but we thought that $500 bucks was too much but $15 was too little so for the purpose of finding the best blender for protein shakes that would be affordable to most we set the price at under $100. We were blown away by the number of really great options you can find for under $100 and could easily understand the frustration of anyone that was searching for a blender. It was easy to see how anyone could get overwhelmed by the choices and just settle for any blender just to be done with the selection process.

Style is important. While function absolutely is the most important aspect, if it functions great and looks great all the better. We narrowed down the choices to the top 3 by using the criteria and searching for blenders that were getting high ratings from consumers.

Here are the top 3 picks:

  1. Ninja Master Prep —  Check Cheap Offer Online Now 


  • 2 different sized jars
  • Crushes ice in seconds
  • Can easily blend frozen goods
  • Chops and blends vegetables
  • Comes with a easy to use pitcher with non-slip bottom
  • Quad 4 blades

The Ninja Master Prep is a stylish blender that has been reviewed by users over 4,000 times it offers everything you could want in a blender and more. It may be a little overkill for a protein shake blender but honestly if you are going to have a blender for protein shakes why not have one that can do it all? We loved this blender because it is powerful and compact. This may be the best $50 you ever spend! It is easy to give a nod to this blender especially at this price point. It is a versatile tool that will serve you well not just for protein shakes but for a slew of other tasks as well.

Reviews: This blender was reviewed by over 4000 people. It received 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most users were very happy with their purchase. Some comments from the folks that left 4 stars were stellar comments praising this blender so it is unclear why it was not given 5 full stars by everyone. One user commented “this is the best blender I have ever owned, I use it instead of my food processor now” and another said “I am making smoothies and other things I never had time to make before thanks to the Ninja”.

       2.GForce GF-P1546-1028 Multi-Function Mini Blender 220 Watts with Travel Cup and Strainers —  Check Cheap Offer Online Now 


  • 220 watt base
  • Blending cup
  • Travel cup and lid
  • 2 strainers
  • Automatic shut off
  • Compact design

The Gforce personal multi-function mini blender is a powerful blender that works great. We love the travel cup feature that makes blending and going easy. The travel cup comes with a handy lid. We also like the super powerful motor in the base. The price is perfect at around $40. This would have been the number one pick for us if there were larger container with it but it is ideal for personal use which makes it one of the best blenders for protein shakes. It is very easy to recommend this blender for personal blending. It is priced right and well made.

Reviews: Users love this blender. It comes highly recommended by most users. It received 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is an exceptional blender that users are very happy with. One user commented “I have owned quite a few blenders but this one really is the best”. Overall it came in as a consumer favorite. There was one review that affected the overall score that said that this blender was too complicated to use? No one else mentioned the complex nature of the blender and it seems actually pretty straight forward to use.

      3. Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle, Light Powder Blue—  Check Cheap Offer Online Now 


  • 250 watt motor
  • Travel cup
  • One touch operation
  • Compact size

The Oster My Blend is a powerhouse that is compact and great for on the go households. The travel cup is a great option for everyday use. This blender is compact so it stays out of the way when you are not using it. It is powerful so blending up your protein drink in record time is never an issue. The price is right at $20 which we also like. Oster is a well-known small appliance name that is reliable. This blender offers a resettable fuse if the system should overheat. This blender meets the need for a very low price. It is easy to recommend this blender.

Reviews: This blender was reviewed over 1400 times and received a 4.1 out of 5 stars. The majority of users were very happy with the performance of this blender and left comments like “makes my life so much easier in the mornings” and “operates like a champ would highly recommend this to anyone in need of a personal blender for protein shakes or smoothies”. There were a few complaints that this blender did not “chop” as expected. Frankly this is a personal blender not a food processor. It is inexpensive and really is ideal for protein shakes not smoothies.


The Ninja won out and is easily the best blender for protein shakes because it is a versatile machine. Sure you may only need a quick machine to blend your protein shakes but if you are going to spend the money why not buy a blender that can do double duty? If your heart is set on a personal blender only than either one of the other two on the list will work out great.

The Ninja is easily the most popular of the three with over 4000 reviews left. Most every consumer that purchased this blender felt that they would easily recommend it. Even the consumers that did not give it 5 stars admitted that it is a great choice.

You do not have to spend a fortune to get a reliable blender that will work well and help you get healthy.

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