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Benefits of Chia Seeds for Runners

Continue reading to find out the benefits of chia seeds for runners. And there are quite a few bombshell benefits, too.

It’s amazing the something that was a novelty that sprouted hair for otherwise mainly hairless creatures (remember the Chia Pets) could be a powerhouse food. But it’s definitely true. And the best part is that they can be consumed either in liquid form or in solid form. For the liquid form, you just put the whole seed in water and let dissolve.

In history, the Chia seed was actually used by the Aztecs. The Aztec warriors drank the seeds in gel (liquid) form before going to battle. The drink kept the warriors hydrated for longer and gave them more energy, too.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

There is a reason. The Chia seed is packed with omega-3, anti-oxidants, and fiber. And the Chia seeds are water soluble as well. These benefits make the Chia Seed a great assets to any runner’s nutritional arsenal.

The Omega-3 fatty acid has amazing health benefits by itself. First, the brain needs Omega-3 for optimal functioning. If you don’t have enough Omega-3, you might be a little off or your thinking might be a little fogged or cloudy.

Omega-3 also helps in alleviating joint pain. Many distance runners put a lot of stress on their joints. Well, the Omega-3 will definitely help you get over the soreness quick. With the power of fast recovery courtesy of Chia Seeds, you will be able to continue your demanding training schedule.

Chia Seeds are also full of anti-oxidants and amino acids. The anti-oxidants help take free radicals out of the body. And amino acids are the building blocks of protein. And protein is the primary building block of muscle. So a runner can take the Chia Seeds to recover from the run and to quickly recover from sore muscles in the legs.

Chia seeds are highly water soluble. So these seeds can trap water in them and release the water into the body over a longer period of time. This benefit potentially helps a runner go longer distances between water stops.

The Water soluble Chia seeds can be dissolved in water, as mentioned earlier, and makes a sort of gel. When you drink the gel, it actually coats the stomach and creates a barrier between the stomach lining and the foods you eat. This barrier keeps carbs from being broken down quickly by your stomach acids.

If stomach acids are blocked from breaking down carbs efficiently, then the sugar created from the carbs will be released more slowly into the bloodstream. This benefit keeps the carbs from spiking the blood sugar and causing a crash in your energy levels later on in the day. So the Chia Seeds actually help regulate blood sugar levels.

There are tons of benefits of chia seeds for runners. Really, any athlete or gym rat can benefit from Chia Seeds. But runners can see the best advantage in using them. Runners can maintain their blood sugar levels, hasten recovery, have a more efficient release of water in the body, and alleviate joint pain without going to Aspirin or Advil. However, I would say that runners of marathons or longer distances will get the best results out of Chia seeds.

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