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Asics GT 2000 Review

The GT 2000 series is the latest in a varied line of running shoes that are offered by Asics.   The all-weather Asics GT 2000 gtx as well as the Asics GT 2000 2 women’s has made some improvements over the older models. The Asics gt 2000 trail and other models in the line are meant to help runners with precision and foot placement. These well-made shoes fit many different foot types and running styles. The great design allows them to be compatible with many different running styles. The Asics GT 2000 Trail runners are great for on the street, the track, the trail or the treadmill. They easily conform to your running style. They are the one running shoe that can easily do it all.

Asics has made some clear improvements this year including a nicer color choice spectrum. This model is more aesthetically pleasing. The color combinations are more interesting than earlier models. Your running shoes should be fun with fun colors ( you can still get the standard black and silver if you like) The Asics GT 2000 is noticeably lighter this year than last which actually is one of the biggest improvements of this running shoe.

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Asics GT 2000 first look

It is Super Lightweight

Given the sturdy construction this is a super lightweight running shoe. The Asics gt 2000 offers lightweight superior support when you need it the most. The Asics GT 2000 trail offers a lightweight runner that does not compromise in the support department like so many other lightweight shoes do. The new lighter weight should not fool you the support is still right where it needs to be as a matter of fact you may even find these have more support than earlier models. The enhanced technology that is used to create the design of these running shoes allows for them to be super lightweight yet completely effective. The mesh uppers are also a nice touch that contribute to the overall weight of the shoe.

Better Support

The Asics gt 2000 has been totally revamped to include a much more supportive mid sole. The new design has the arch curve up further on the shoe. This is a great benefit for over pronators. It can help to prevent injuries. Asics has deployed the Dynamic Duomax medial to help stop the rolling of the foot inward while keeping the ride nice and stable. This better support system is complimented by the Duomax foam inserts that offer soft as air support in all the right spots. The right support is a key component to reducing the risk of injuries especially if there are over pronation issues. Many running shoes offer some relief for over pronation but if yours is more than mild than you need the best support you can find in a minimalist style and these shoes fit the ticket.

Asics GT 2000 bottom


The Asics GT 2000 Trail offers the following:

  • A full mesh upper for breathability.
  • FluidRide Midsole
  • Dynamic Duomax support throughout.
  • Gel cushioning in both the rear foot and fore foot of this shoe.

This running shoe can easily help to improve not only the comfort of your run but also reduce the risk of injury. The new midsole technology of the Fluidride offers excellent bounce back and foot safety. The enhancements of the Dynamic Duomax support allows for a lighter weight and even better support than what was offered in earlier versions of the Asics. The gel cushioning in both the rear of the foot and the fore of the foot work well to absorb shock and add some spring to your step. The gel is prominent enough to give you the benefit that you want without being uncomfortably noticeable like it can be in other models of similar shoes. The gel cushioning does not get in the way of the overall minimalist design.

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GT 2000 vs KAYANO

These running shoes offer plenty of great points that can easily sway you when you are debating between the Asics GT 2000 vs. Kayano. For example Asics GT 2000 offers the same Dynamic Duomax support as the Kayano. They also offer great cushioned comfort and they even look similar but there are some key differences that makes the Asics GT 2000 Trail a better shoe.

There is a price difference with the Kayano being in the higher price range and there is a stability difference. The Asics GT 2000 Trail offers a firmer sense of stability than the Kayano. The pros for choosing the Asics GT 2000 gtx over the Kayano really comes down to the type of runner you are. The Kayano is a good fit for anyone that has a mild over pronation while the GT 2000 is a much better option for anyone that has a mild to moderate pronation. The extra well placed support of the GT 2000 really can make both quick runs and long runs more comfortable. There is also the added comfort of the Dynamic Ducomax foam that the Kanyano does not offer at the same level that the GT 2000 offers.

Asics GT 2000 insole

Even when you compare the Asics gt 2000 vs. 2170 you can see the immediate pros to choosing the Asics GT 2000 VS 2170. The 2170 does not compare to the GT 2000. The GT 2000 is more of a minimalist shoe with superior support than the 2170 is. It is also a lighter shoe which may seem counterintuitive but it is in fact lighter with more support. One look at the Asics GT 2000 is all it takes to know that you are looking at an enhanced running shoe that can easily help you to improve your performance. A lot of people have moved up from the 2170 to the GT 2000. It seems almost like a natural progression. Many people have compared the GT 2000 to the 2170 and have come to the same conclusion if your loved the 2170 you will have the same love for the GT 2000 and really enjoy this shoe.

When you compare all three styles it is easy to see why so many runners are choosing the Asics GT 2000. It offers a great price point (as do the other two) it is versatile and offers all of the other features that most runners look for.

Comparing the Running Shoes 

Shoe *Mod OP *Mild OP Versatility Comfort Technology Cost
Asics GT 2000 X X X X X X
GT 2170 X X X
Kayano X X X X

*moderate over pronation

* Mild over pronation

What Other Runners Have To Say

Over 700 people have reviewed these running shoes and have rated them a 4.4 out of 5 stars. Users were very happy with this purchase because these running shoes rate very high on the comfort scale and offer the support that can translate easily across a full range of running mediums. Whether you are running on a trail, asphalt, a track or a treadmill these shoes can easily transition from one surface to the next. Versatility has been a big selling point for these shoes. These running shoes would likely have gotten a full 5 stars but there were some reports of a narrower fit than expected.

The shoes tend to run a half a size smaller than what you would expect. Of course now that you are aware of the sizing issue you can just order a size ½ larger. The proper running shoe should fit comfortably yet snuggly. If you know that your foot is a little wider than average or that you are somewhere between sizes than ordering a ½ size larger can help to ensure that these shoes will fit you perfectly.

Overall these running shoes come highly recommended by users. Some comments include:

“I have worn Asics forever because my podiatrist recommended them when I had PF. The 2000’s do not disappoint, they fit and feel great, I live in my Asics.” And “I have to say that these are my favorite running shoes of all time. I have owned about 18 pairs of different Asics with the 2170 being my all-time favorite until I ran in the Asics Gt 2000 trail. They are my favorite 2170 enhanced to a better more versatile shoe!! I love them!!!”. Another reviewer said “these shoes have actually improved my form and my ability to go the extra mile in complete comfort.”

Just about everyone that reviewed these runners was more than happy to recommend them. Other than ordering a ½ size larger there is nothing but good things out there about these shoes. Runners take their shoes seriously because we have to. We have to protect our feet, ankles, knees and shins and we have to be able to do it with reliable shoes that are made using the latest technology and scientifically proven research.

These are the shoes that will improve your run and limit the number of injuries. They are a great deal and come highly recommended. Asics has been producing athletic shoes since the 1940’s.

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