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Published on May 7th, 2015 | by Mark


7 Day Juice Cleanse Plan

Read further to learn how to start, stay on, and successfully complete a 7 day juice cleanse. The seven day juice cleanse can be an important part of a dietary regime. As we eat solid, heavy foods (and even the frankenfoods that are a part of the American diets), it really does a number to our Gastrointestinal (GI) systems.

It is recommended that people that eat these kinds of foods take some kind of cleanse to flush their bodies out. Some people prefer doing the flush with Magnesium Oxide. And others prefer to use a juicing cleanse.

The juicing cleanse will help you get rid of the toxins in the blood stream and help you get rid of body weight. This article will cover how to get off on the right start, plan your “meals” during the week-long cleanse, and how to ease out of the juice cleanse and get back to eating the foods you love.

What to do before the juice cleanse: pre-cleanse prep

There are a couple things you should do before you start your juicing. They are getting the instruction books for the juice cleanse, and drinking water and avoiding certain common foods and drinks.

First you want to get the books for the juice cleanse. This is obvious, but you want to get them at least a week before you want to start the juice cleanse. This is so you can read the book and absorb the information. You can also go get a good stock of everything that you are going to need a couple days before the juice cleanse week begins.

Reading the book and getting familiar with it is important. You don’t want to be guessing your way through the program a day or two before it starts. You want to have a solid course of action designed right from the beginning. If you have a sure course of action, then you will have 90% of success with the juice cleanse. From that point, it’s just follow through.

Next, the day before you start your cleanse, you want to ensure that you drink eight glasses of water. This is to get your body adjusted to good fluids. But really, you should be drinking this much water every day…at a bare minimum. So eight glasses of water is a good goal for drinking water after this juice cleanse is completed.

You may also want to try to get purified water. Brita pitchers are okay if that’s the best you can do. But if you can afford it, you should really consider getting either a Pro-Pur Water Filter or a reverse-osmosis water filter of some sort. These purifiers get the chlorine, fluoride, glifosates, and other unwanted garbage out of the water.

The more garbage you can get out of the water, the better off the juice cleanse will be for you. And the better the water will be for you after the juice cleanse is over.

There are also certain foods and drinks that you need to avoid. These foods and drinks are colas, sugary drinks and foods, and alcohol.

Colas should not be a part of your diet anyway (or very sparingly used). These colas have so much acid in them that it takes 32 glasses of water to dilute. And if you can’t drink that water, then phosphorus will be siphoned from the bones to dilute it. And we wonder why we have issues to osteoporosis.

Processed sugar is okay in moderation, but it’s not a life-giving food in large amounts. Alcohol is also a toxin. The liver also immediately switches over from regular function to metabolizing alcohol as soon as alcohol is present in the body.

Again, after the juice cleanse is over, you can enjoy the sugar and alcohol, but I recommend that you do in moderation.

What to do during the cleanse

During the juice cleanse, you will be drinking juice six to seven times per day. The program book that you’re using will have recipes in them for you to use. These instruction books will also list substitutions for certain ingredients that you may not care for or are not able to find. So the juice cleanse is a juicing cleanse that can be converted for everyone’s taste.

During this week, you will want to avoid major workouts. This includes resistance training, sprinting, and endurance training. You’re not going to have the calories needed to maintain the workout. If you try to do these kinds of workouts, then you may end up bonking during your workouts.

You can do easy workouts though. These include walking, yoga, and stretching. These exercises are better than nothing. You are still burning calories, keeping yourself fit, and keep yourself moving. So just keep your body moving during the week, and you will be fine.

What to do after the cleanse

After you get done with the juice cleanse, you will want to slowly get back onto regular foods. The reason is that you have been living on a liquid diet for the past week. Your digestive system may revolt against you and give you diarrhea if you go back to eating your regular diet cold turkey.

For the first day or two you will want to drink eight glasses of water and eat fruits and vegetables. These are things that your body has been consuming in liquid for the past week. The body can then break these solid foods down more easily than other types of food…and your body can more easily assimilate the vitamins present in these foods.

For the next couple of days, you can add in starchy carbs and nuts. These are a little more difficult for the body to break down and work with after a juice cleanse, so you should wait until your body can eat the fibrous carbs and fruits. Then when the body can handle these “tougher” foods, you should add them back in.

Finally, in the next couple of days, you can add back in protein sources such as fish, meat, and poultry. These are the toughest types of food to digest. This is why you should wait about a week before including these types of food. After your body can digest the fruits, fibrous and starchy vegetables, and nuts…your body will easily be able to digest lean protein.

If you follow these instructions, then you will easily get back onto the diets that you traditionally enjoy.


This is the best way to approach a 7 day juice cleanse. Start by cutting colas, sugary drinks, and alcohol while drinking eight glasses of water. Follow the instructions in the instruction book you’re using during the juice cleanse and go easy on the exercise. Finally, you will want to slowly add back the foods you love so that you don’t anger digestive system. With this, I wish you well on your cleanse. Stay Strong.

Image Credit: Morning juice next to Macbook by Andreas Kambanis, on Flickr

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